light blue image of a calendar page displaying the text "2022-23 School Calendar and overset on that is a phone screen mirroring the same image

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) would like your input about options for the 2022-23 school calendar. This brief 2022-23 School Calendar poll provides you with the opportunity to share your feedback.

Keep in mind that the calendar must begin with at least 180 school days. The year is divided into four relatively equal marking periods. Attempts are made to minimize weeks with only a few days of school when possible. We provide multiple student holidays within the calendar, along with winter and spring break.

Two calendar options have been developed based on the current calendar and feedback on previous calendars. Both options start on the same date, but there are a few differences within the calendars relative to winter break and the end of the first semester. Calendar options will be presented to the School Board for discussion and approval in November.

Results from this poll, as well as recommendations from a representative calendar committee, will be provided to the Board to inform their discussion and decision. Please take a moment to answer these few questions to provide your preferences by October 12.

2022-23 Calendar Poll