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  • PWCS students serving on the Human Rights Leadership Council graduate from the 2021-22 program

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    Thirty-five high school students from Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) who form part of the 2021-22 Human Rights Student Leadership Council (HRSLC), culminated their year of serving on the council with a special graduation ceremony to present them with certificates.

    Curtis Porter, chair of the Human Rights Commission, gave opening remarks and welcomed guests to the students' graduation. Freedom High School's choir, under the direction of Milton Wilcher, choir director, provided musical entertainment. Superintendent Dr. LaTanya D. McDade, Dr. Lucretia Brown, chief equity officer for PWCS, and Carolyn Custard, PWCS school liaison, shared congratulatory remarks.

    The Human Rights Commission offers participation in HRSLC to current high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors in public, private, and home school communities within Prince William County. The council helps develop young leaders and promotes dialogue on diversity, understanding, and an appreciation of the differences among students.

    Isabella Aversano, a sophomore at Gainesville High School, shared the following when asked how to ensure the progression and reinforcement of universal human rights, "I think that we need to go a step beyond teaching students about human rights in schools to getting them involved in community projects and organizations. When students have hands-on experience working for the progression of universal human rights, it's more likely these values will be reinforced and longer lasting." The Prince William County Human Rights Commission, in partnership with PWCS, launched the HRSLC to enrich high school students with knowledge about their human rights, civil rights, and anti-discrimination laws. This unique collaboration between the Prince William County government and PWCS provides students with the opportunity to connect to their local government, exercise their civic duties, as well as explore future leadership roles as prospective employees, tenants, and consumers in the community.

    Congratulations to the following PWCS students:

    Battlefield High School
    Daniel Kwon
    Kundayi Mazando
    Muhammad Usufzai
    Jaylen Waithe

    Brentsville District High School
    Leo Landry

    Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School
    Trinity Chamblin
    Adishiwot Fricke
    Mia Hicks
    Anna Phillips
    Reagan Fournier
    Carley Mayers
    Michael Mazza

    Forest Park High School
    Luke Brockenberry

    Freedom High School
    Azara Abukari
    Nishat Ahmed
    Roqia Ali
    Amailei Anderson
    Angel Gill
    Genisus Brown

    Gainesville High School
    Isabella Aversano
    Shifa Fayyaz
    Halia Hoffman

    Gar-Field High School
    Zerenity Walker

    Independence Nontraditional School
    Yasmin Ramirez-Dominguez
    Faith Sellman

    Osbourn Park High School
    Hanna Aklil
    Zachary Johnson
    Madison Nally
    Mehmood Shajih

    Patriot High School
    Anuti Shah

    Potomac High School
    Ciara Benitoe

    Unity Reed High School
    Alejandro Alegre

    Woodbridge High School
    Rediet Dawit
    Kyle Pardo
    Malia Sarmac

    Positive Climate and Culture Clima y cultura positiva. Futuros Prósperos Thriving Futures.