Joint Statement from Prince William County School Board and Prince William Education Association

December 19, 2022

The Prince William Education Association (PWEA) secures signatures adequate for a showing of interest to hold the largest public sector union elections in Virginia history, with over 11,000 employees eligible to vote within two bargaining units: Licensed Personnel (certified) and Support Personnel (classified) employees.

PWEA and the Prince William School Board would like to announce the verification of signatures sufficient to hold collective bargaining elections beginning in January 2023. The signatures were confidentially verified by the agreed-upon neutral party, who will oversee the election along with the agreed-upon election vendor. Both sides are pleased that the verification process was completed jointly in a fair and cooperative manner.

The PWEA and the Prince William School Board look forward to the January elections and encourage employees to vote and participate in the process. Employees eligible to vote will be provided notice mailed to their homes and through their work email.

Please view the Collective Bargaining FAQs webpage for more information on the collective bargaining process.