Photo of Dr. Debra M.M. Ames, family and friends at the dedication ceremony at the Nokesville School

Students, teachers, staff, and community members celebrated the dedication ceremony of The Nokesville School library to Dr. Debra “Debbi” M.M. Ames in a recent ceremony. The Nokesville School is in the Brentsville District, serving students in kindergarten through eighth grades.

The Prince William County School Board approved a resolution to name The Nokesville School library after Ames, who began her teaching career in PWCS in 1978 at Kerrydale Elementary School.  In 1984, Ames transferred to Nokesville Elementary School, where she taught kindergarten, second, and third grades. She accepted the librarian position at the school in 2003 and held that position for the next 15 years.

During Ames’ 40-year career in PWCS, she shared her passion for learning with her students. A prime example includes a reading club she started with fourth and fifth grade students that eventually became the foundation for the PWCS Battle of the Books Competition. Her passion for literacy and learning influenced her students greatly, leading some of them to become educators in PWCS.

Principal Dr. Andrew M. Jacks hosted the dedication ceremony in the school’s library. 

Several dignitaries, including Superintendent of Schools Dr. LaTanya D. McDade, School Board Chairman At-Large Dr. Babur B. Lateef, and Magisterial School Board member Adele Jackson, spoke of their excitement for students and staff under the promise of the library’s new name.

The evening ended with a wall mural reveal of Ames as her family, friends, and acquaintances watched and applauded.

Ames encapsulated the evening, closing with, “I accept this honor with all my heart and have love for you all.”

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