"Rosemount Lewis" Elementary School pictured.

The Prince William County School Board will vote on the proposed attendance areas for “Rosemount Lewis” Elementary School, opening for the 2023-24 school year, at its public meeting on February 15. Delaying the vote by one month afforded School Board members more time to consider how best to plan these attendance areas with the goal of supporting student learning and families.

The “Rosemount Lewis” Elementary School Boundary Planning committee’s recommendations were presented to the School Board at the January 4 public meeting. In response to community feedback, revisions were made to the committee’s preferred proposal, Plan 2. These revisions were presented at the School Board meeting on February 1 for the Board’s consideration. The suggested revisions affect the attendance areas for Ellis, Loch Lomond, West Gate, and Yorkshire Elementary Schools.

Members of the community can review the revisions on Tab 5 on the “Rosemount Lewis” Boundary Portal. In addition, the presentation given to the School Board on February 1 can be viewed on Tab 8 of the portal.