Ballot Box

On October 19, 2022, the Prince William County School Board adopted a resolution allowing employees to engage, for the first time, in collective bargaining with respect to wages and other terms and conditions of their employment. The School Board also designated employees into one of two bargaining units: a Licensed Personnel Bargaining Unit and a Support Personnel Bargaining Unit.

Soon after the Board adopted the resolution, the Prince William Education Association (PWEA) sought certification as the exclusive representative for both bargaining units. From January 17, 2023, until today, February 10, 2023, School Board employees had the opportunity to choose the PWEA to be their exclusive bargaining agent for purposes of negotiating with the School Board on their behalf. After a full and fair election where everyone had an opportunity to vote, employees in both Bargaining Units have selected the PWEA as their exclusive representative.

The School Board is very pleased that so many employees made their voices heard through this process. Now that both Bargaining Units have selected the PWEA as their exclusive representative for the purposes of collective bargaining, the Board looks forward to working with the PWEA in good faith to address employees’ concerns and reach a reasonable and fair agreement in conformity with timelines and procedures set forth in the resolution.

The School Board remains focused on the achievement of the Vision 2025: Launching Thriving Futures Strategic Plan. A key component of the Strategic Plan is promoting a positive climate and culture, where PWCS staff will be empowered, supported, and engaged with a strong sense of belonging. As such, the School Board is fully committed to supporting every employee, and continuously seeks ways to improve all employees’ working conditions, pay, and benefits, including by providing salary increases averaging 19-24% over the past four years.