Bezawit Abate, a sophomore at Potomac High School, is the first-ever winner of America’s Next Great Intern.  From a crop of 16 national finalists, Bezawit emerged on top for showcasing top-tier communication skills that are essential in an internship. More than 6,500 people across the country voted for the finalists and Bezawit’s remarkable abilities earned her a spot in first place.

The America’s Next Best Intern contest was held by Rubin Education, a company that offers employability skill online instruction for college and career readiness. As the winner of the contest, Bezawit was recognized at a ceremony held at Potomac High, where Rubin Education awarded her with a stipend for professional clothing, professional headshots, and a paid virtual internship. Bezawit’s teacher, Ms. Eula Tillar, business education teacher, was also recognized and received a $250 cash prize to support her classroom.

Watch the video celebrating Bezawit Abate, America’s Next Great Intern: