Reservation-Based Swimming Slots

The Aquatics Center is now allowing patrons to sign up for time slots for lap swimming only.  You are able to reserve a swimming time slot Monday - Thursday (drop ins are permitted on a space-available basis). Reservations are not required Friday - Sunday.

All patrons must reserve a slot in ActiveNET; view available slots.

Each lane will be limited to two swimmers each.  Swimmers will be given a basket at the front desk in which to place their personal belongings.  This basket should be placed at the end of the pool and lane where you are starting to indicate to other swimmers that the side of the lane is occupied.

COVID-Related Restrictions and Cleaning Procedures

In accordance with PWCS guidance, we have developed a thorough cleaning process and traffic flow to ensure the safety of all our guests and team members.

  • Face coverings are now required inside our facility, regardless of vaccination status.  More information on PWCS Regulation 275-2 can be found here.
  • The locker rooms are now open.  Family changing rooms and bathrooms are also available for use.
  • Our team members thoroughly clean the facility during and after community-use times, with a special focus on high touch areas.  We are using the same cleaning supplies and methods used at all PWCS facilities to clean.
  • All guests entering the facility will be subject to a symptom screening prior to entering.
  • Kick boards will be available for use.  They can be found on deck in blue equipment cages.  Please rinse your kickboard off after use and prior to returning it to the equipment cage.

Traffic Flow

We have developed a specific traffic flow for the facility to maximize social distancing for all team members and patrons.  We have placed markers and directional arrows on the floor to aid you in your movements through the facility.

  1. Patrons will enter the facility through the marked doors at entrance #25.  Once inside, they will proceed to the front desk for check in, maintaining six feet from other guests, as necessary.
  2. After checking in at the front desk and collecting a plastic bin for personal belongings (if desired), patrons will proceed down the hallway and into the locker rooms or onto the pool deck.
  3. Once on deck, patrons will locate an empty lane to place their basket. Please note that no more than two swimmers per lane are permitted, and swimmers must place their items on the opposite end of the pool from another swimmer in their lane.
  4. Once done swimming, patrons will gather their belongings and proceed to the exit doors nearest the entrance to the wet classroom.  There they will place their plastic bin in the "Used" bin on deck.  Kickboards should be rinsed with pool water and returned to the blue equipment cages.
  5. Patrons will then proceed out the doors marked exit only.

Phase Two traffic flow in the Aquatics Center