2022-23 Full-Time Virtual Learning Program

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Applications have closed for the 2022-23 full-time virtual learning program for grades K-8.

PWCS will offer a full-time virtual learning program for the 2022-23 school year.

Learn about the program structure, eligibility, and application process.


Who is eligible for the 2022-23 full-time virtual learning program?

Two years of analysis of student performance in a full-time virtual learning environment have provided strong evidence that average to above average levels of motivation, self-regulation, and independent work habits are critical to successful outcomes.

During the application process, PWCS will review 2021-22 first semester and third quarter report cards in the areas outlined below - which provide quantifiable indicators of student readiness for full-time virtual learning.

In addition, families must commit to a full year of participation in the full-time virtual learning program

Eligibility Criteria for Full-Time Virtual Learning

Criteria Grades K-5 Grades 6-12
Academic Achievement Grades* K-2: "S" or better
3-5: "C" or better
"C" or better
Work Habits (Grades K-5)*
Conduct/Effort (Grades 6-12)*
"S" or better "S" or better
Absences** Fewer than 15 Fewer than 15

* Students may have marking period grades lower than "S"/"C" but semester and third quarter grades must be "S"/"C" or higher by course/subject.
** Absences do not include any time missed as a result of COVID-related illness or medically-documented treatment/care plan. Students not enrolled for the entire school year must not have been absent more than 10% of the time since they have been enrolled.

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Grades K-8

Learn more about the full-time virtual learning program for grades K-8.

Virtual Learning for Grades K-8

Grades 9-12

High School students will continue to have access to virtual learning. High School students needing full-time virtual learning will work with their school's counseling office. Counselors will review the student's academic career plan to confirm a student is on track for on-time graduation. Additionally, counselors will review academic grades, attendance, and conduct to ensure that virtual programming best meets each student's unique needs. In alignment with Regulation 630.02-2, "Virtual High School," full-time virtual learning requires the review and approval of the Associate Superintendent for High Schools. Similar to this year, full-time virtual classes will be provided through Virtual Virginia and Virtual Prince William as appropriate to the scheduling needs of each student.