Our Commitments

Our Commitments

From the beginning, this Strategic Plan was built around key themes, which have been refined into the commitments PWCS is making to all students, families, and the community.

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  1. Learning and Achievement for All is our most critical commitment-it represents our promise to provide academic excellence for all.

    • PWCS will provide equitable opportunities for all students to achieve at high levels.
    • PWCS will prepare all students for post-secondary education and the workforce.
    • PWCS will prepare all staff members to support and challenge all students.

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  2. Positive Climate and Culture is our promise to provide a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment for teaching and learning; this environment will facilitate the academic journey for students.

    • PWCS will provide a learning environment which fosters inclusivity, connectedness, and encourages social and emotional wellness for all.
    • PWCS students and staff will feel supported and have a strong sense of belonging.
    • PWCS facilities will be welcoming, safe, and sustainable.

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  3. Family and Community Engagement represents the commitment to build collaborative, meaningful partnerships and trusting relationships to foster the success of all students.

    • PWCS will engage families as authentic partners in education to support academic progress.
    • PWCS will work collaboratively with community agencies and business partners to support strategic initiatives.
    • PWCS will ensure honest, transparent, and timely communication with families, schools, and community to foster trusting relationships.

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  4. Organizational Coherence represents the conscious commitment to align the entire school division as one team, united in a singular commitment to support all schools, students, and families.

    • PWCS will create systemic structures for strong cycles of continuous improvement.
    • PWCS will remove barriers to communication to facilitate collaboration across offices, schools, and families in the spirit of customer service.
    • PWCS will ensure that our strategic priorities are driving our investments.
    • PWCS will work toward convergence, operating as a unified school system with shared accountability for school and division goals.

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Our Strategic Plan Commitments are grounded in the core values (Equity, Inclusivity, Innovation, Integrity, Resiliency, and Well-Being) that were identified by a wide range of stakeholders. These commitments are fueled by the concepts of listening, engaging, equalizing, and extending better targeted support mechanisms to lift all students toward success. We plan to initiate meaningful and quantifiable change in our approach to training staff, supporting students at all levels, and forging stronger bonds within the corporate and local community and our families, in keeping with each of our identified values. Teachers will be empowered with improved technology, centralized division support, and a curriculum platform built on unified curricula tracking and textbooks/learning materials, more/improved standardized grading and attendance tracking, and professional skill enhancement offerings.

To support academic excellence for all, students will be taught at, and elevated to, the levels both expected of and equal to their capabilities. Students with diverse learning needs will encounter new creative academic formats and supportive networks. Students will have expanded access to challenging options to prepare them for life after high school. Students at all levels will benefit from intensive and motivating tutoring, extended learning opportunities, social-emotional supports, and family involvement initiatives that will enhance each student's feeling of social/emotional well-being and positive academic outlook.

Families will be encouraged to continue to support and become more engaged in their student's school endeavors. Interactive gatherings, immediate communications, and listening/thought sharing sessions will expand. PWCS families will become an extended level of support, understanding, and resource for our students.

Through intentional school partnerships, business and community agencies will become stronger partners in the educational experience; they will also benefit from valuable interactions with students through work-based learning, internships, and targeted career experience opportunities. These partnerships are essential to forging the bonds between students, teachers, educational leaders, and families-they will collaboratively determine how skills best transfer from the classroom toward higher education, the office or workspace, and our greater community.

Finally, PWCS commits to moving toward organizational coherence so that students, families, staff, and the community truly see PWCS as one unified school system, rather than a collection, or system, of individual schools. Aligning the strategic and continuous improvement efforts of all schools and departments, providing excellent customer service, removing communication barriers, and ensuring that the PWCS budget is driven by the priorities identified in this Strategic Plan are all ways PWCS will elevate the educational experience for all stakeholders.

PWCS schools, as a foundation for our community, will continue to prepare students to be the citizens and leaders of tomorrow who will create thriving futures for themselves and their communities. The goals set forth under each commitment are aspirational goals to achieve by 2025. The strategies lay out the trajectory for the journey to achieve those goals through the manifestation of our core values of excellence, integrity and equity. In the sections that follow, the goals and strategies for each commitment objective are detailed. At the start of each objective, the core values most embodied through that objective are highlighted.