Word art involving instructional materials

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) is committed to building collaborative, meaningful partnerships, and trusting relationships to foster the success of all students. To maintain this commitment, updates, which will go into effect on June 13, have been made to Regulation 653-1, “Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials,” and Regulation 653-2, “Reconsideration of Instructional Materials.”

Instructional materials are defined as all resources, regardless of format, whether printed, representational, audiovisual, electronic, or digital, which are supplied by the Prince William County School Board and used to support the curriculum and the instructional program.

The updates provide clarity of language and a streamlined, transparent process for more open communication with stakeholders. The updated process allows for discussion with the complainant at the school level prior to moving to a division-level request for reconsideration of instructional materials.

Reconsideration requests will be addressed by a division-level committee based on the order in which they are submitted, and only one division-level committee will be in process at a time. Decisions will apply divisionwide and remain in effect for at least four years. All decisions and requests for reconsideration of instructional materials in process will be posted to the PWCS website.

For more details on the process, please refer to Regulation 653-2, “Reconsideration of Instructional Materials.”