Dual Enrollment Opportunities for Students

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is an early college program allowing eligible high school students to simultaneously earn credit toward their high school graduation while also earning college credits.

Who can take a dual enrollment course?

Generally any student who meets the following criteria may take certain dual enrollment courses offered through Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) and PWCS:

  • 11th or 12th Grade standing
  • 16 years of age
  • Place into college level MATH and ENGLISH courses by receiving a passing score on the Placement Test or an accepted substitute as outlined below:
    • SAT – 480 or higher on both the Reading and Writing section, 530 or higher on the Math section
    •  PSAT is no longer acceptable for English 12
    • ACT – 18 or higher on both the English Reading and Writing section, 22 or higher on the Math section
    • Virginia SOL – a passing score on the Algebra I, II or Geometry SOL will allow students to meet the MATH placement requirement 

Where do I take a dual enrollment course and what is the cost?
PWCS students may take the following courses for dual enrollment credit based on established agreements during the 2020-21 school year:

  • Biology II: Survey of Advanced
  • Topics in Biology
  • Computer Networking I, II, III, and IV - Hardware Operations (CISCO)
  • Cybersecurity Network Systems
  • Cybersecurity Systems Technology I and II
  • Criminal Justice II
  • Early Childhood Education Services I and II
  • English College Composition 12
  • Entrepreneurship
  • IB Business Management (SL)
  • IB Biology (HL)
  • Intro to Speech Communications
  • IT Database Design and Management (Oracle)
  • IT Database Design and Management Advanced (Oracle)
  • IT Fundamentals
  • IT Programming, Advanced
  • IT Web Technologies
  • IT Web Technologies, Advanced
  • PreCalculus with Trig for AB
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Photography I
  • SOL English College
  • Composition 11
  • Survey of World Literature 12
  • Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow (through Shenandoah University)
  • US/VA Government
  • US/VA History
  • Welding I, II, and III

For Northern Virginia Community College courses taken in a Prince William County Public School there will not be a charge for tuition. See your school counselor for more information about fees associated with dual enrollment.

I am ready to take a dual enrollment course! How do I get started?

Indicate your interest in dual enrollment when you meet with your school counselor to discuss course selection prior to the start of your junior year. Your school counselor will guide you through the next steps to include completing a PWCS Dual Enrollment application and the NVCC application.

Can I take NVCC courses for college credit only?

Some students wish to get a head start on their college course work while in high school and wish to take classes that are not included in the dual enrollment agreement. If the student meets admission requirements and has permission from their family and principal, they may enroll in NVCC courses while they are in high school. Interested students should discuss this option with their school counselor for more information.

Summer Enrichment Opportunities

Northern Virginia Community College

  • Dual Enrollment and College Credit Only course options are available.
  • Students must meet NOVA admissions criteria.
  • See your professional school counselor for information on how to apply.
  • Students are responsible for tuition. See the Northern Virginia Community College website for rates.
  • Summer 2020 registration for all students began April 13.
  • Dynamic session classes start and end at any time before or after the regular session dates above.
  • See the Northern Virginia Community College for information on fall terms, courses, and tuition.