College & Career Readiness

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ACADEMIC CAREER PLANNING (ACP) is a comprehensive academic, career, and college planning process that provides students with the ability to explore careers, take interest inventories, and develop academic career plans and portfolios from kindergarten through twelfth grade.
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SELF-DISCOVERY fosters critical self-awareness and reflection-invaluable qualities for college and career readiness. Learn about yourself and identify your values, likes and dislikes, interpersonal skills, technical skills and more.
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CAREER EXPLORATION helps students reflect on self-discovery in relation to fields of study, industries, and specific occupations including qualifications, work-life experience, and career connections among fields.
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POST-HIGH SCHOOL PLANNING is a process that includes partnerships between the school, community, family, and student to create a meaningful individualized plan which aligns with the student's goals. This reflects their self-discovery, career explorations, and the associated education or training needed after high school.
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NAVIANCE is a digital tool that personalizes and simplifies the college and career planning process for students. Students use Naviance to explore careers, research education options beyond high school, and apply for colleges.
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Learn about the SCHOLARSHIP TRANSCRIPT REQUEST process for college/universities and scholarship organizations.
Visit this directory page to find a comprehensive list of family resources to support the academic, career, and social-emotional development of all students in Prince William County Public Schools.