College & Scholarship Transcript Requests

College and Scholarship Transcript Requests with background image of a PWCS transcript

College & Scholarship Transcript Requests

Naviance is the platform used by secondary students for academic and career planning in addition to transcript requests for college/universities and scholarship organizations. Please follow your high school's specific process for placing transcript requests through Naviance. Students can download an unofficial copy of their transcript in StudentVUE under course history.

 Senior Transcript Timeline. One transcript request initiates the school counselors to process the following documents for each institution per student request through Naviance: Initial Available in September: senior course schedule, current gpa and percentile, all prior earned high school grades/credits, school profile, secondary school report. Mid-year available in February: Automatically submitted to all initial institutions, senior semester 1 grades, preliminary GPA. Final after graduation: One final transcript is submitted per student request through the "PWCS Senior Survey" to the student's chosen institution.

Senior Transcript Timeline

Initial Transcript:

Senior transcripts must include work in-progress which is initiated after the first day of school that the student attends, senior GPA, percentile, and academic course history including summer grades. For this reason, PWCS senior transcripts will become available by mid-September. Parent/Guardians must provide consent through the FERPA statement found in the "Annual Back to School Packet" located in ParentVUE. Please follow your high school's internal process for transcript requests. The transcript package that is sent to higher institutions includes the transcript, school profile, secondary school report and mid-year transcript from the school counselor. Naviance is the district wide platform used for college and career exploration, transcript requests, and post-high school planning. Students log in to log in to Naviance using their single sign-on, Clever.

Mid-year Transcript:

Mid-year transcripts will be sent for PWCS seniors in mid-February. Institutions are aware that each district is bound by the completion of their first semester calendar and GPA calculation window. Seniors who have already requested an initial transcript will automatically have their mid-year transcripts sent to the institutions previously requested. The mid-year transcript is one component of the application process and provides the semester senior grades with preliminary GPA calculations based on the semester one senior grades. Counselors complete a mid-year report that accompanies each transcript. This process takes place at the same time across the division. No additional action is needed by the student. If you have any questions please contact your school counselor.

Final Transcript:

All seniors in PWCS complete the "Senior Survey" to share their educational experience in PWCS. This feedback is used as qualitative data to inform and evolve our programs, services, and counseling curriculum each year to best meet the needs of our student body. Within this survey, seniors indicate their chosen pathway immediately following high school. For students choosing to enroll in college, students indicate the one school that they will attend. After graduation, school counselors submit the student's final transcript to that one school.

If students are still uncertain about the college/university they will attend at the time of their senior survey completion, students should select the most likely institution and email their counselor/counseling office if there is a change.

ACT/SAT Test Score Excluded from Transcript

If you do not want your child's college performance-related standardized test scores such as the SAT and ACT to be included on his/her official secondary school transcript, please submit the ACT/SAT Opt-Out Form (PDF) to your child's school counseling department. Visit the College Entrance Testing webpage for more information and translated forms.

Educational Records Requests

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) maintains student educational records in compliance with federal and state laws. PWCS Policies and Regulations are developed in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is the federal law protecting the privacy of student scholastic records. All public schools, including PWCS, are mandated to ensure proper policies and procedures are implemented to protect the content of scholastic records, regardless of the medium.

If you are requesting a transcript or educational record for other purposes than college or scholarships, please refer to the PWCS Educational Records Requests webpage to find the steps required for your intended use.

The first step for any transcript request is the completion of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that is completed electronically through ParentVUE in the "Annual Back to School Packet."