Adele E. Jackson, Brentsville District

Adele E. Jackson

Brentsville District

About Adele E. Jackson

Adele Jackson was born and raised in Northern Virginia and is a product of public schools. Ms. Jackson graduated with a degree in Sociology with a minor in Fine Arts from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. She stayed in Philadelphia working as a social worker, where she was awarded for outstanding service. Ms. Jackson switched careers to become an educator and has taught math, reading, and history during her career. She has co-taught as a special educator in a general education setting and as a teacher in a special education setting. During her time as an educator, she has been an assistant coach, teacher mentor, student mentor, team leader, and advocate.

During her 15-year career as a special education teacher, Ms. Jackson has taught in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and locally in Fairfax and Prince William counties. She earned her master’s degree in Special Education with a certificate in Special Education Leadership from George Mason University. While teaching at PWCS, Ms. Jackson was a member of Prince William Teachers Association. In June 2019, she resigned from her position as a special education teacher with Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) to run for School Board.

Ms. Jackson and her family moved to the Brentsville District in 2014. She has twin elementary school age children who are current proud PWCS students. Ms. Jackson is a current member of the PWC Special Education PTA-SEPTA.

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