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Student Services & Post-Secondary Success

Our Vision

The Student Services Department envisions all students achieving success. Students in will develop social-emotional, academic, and career readiness skills to become healthy, lifelong learners.

Our Mission

The mission of Student Services is to provide a world-class education through awareness and skill-building. PWCS attendance officers, counselors, social workers, and specialists work together to act as systemic change agents. The Student Services employees provide comprehensive support systems, and advocate for equity, access, wellness, and success for all students.

The programs and services provided by Student Services are within seven major areas: school counseling; school social work; student health services; student assistance and prevention programs; attendance services; positive youth development; and student support services. In addition, the Early Identification Program (EIP) and GEAR UP programs are coordinated through this office to provide first-generation college students with post-secondary educational opportunities. Prevention and intervention programs and strategies are available to build assets in students; thus enabling them to resist involvement in bullying, violence, substance abuse, cultural bias, truancy, and other harmful behaviors.

School-based and Student Services staff work together to provide the guidance, support, and professional development needed for the implementation of these programs and services in the schools. In addition, staff members work collaboratively with community partners to obtain the resources needed for students and their families.

School Age Child Care (SACC)

Student Health Services

Student Prevention Programs & Family Assistance