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Academic Advising

Professional School Counselors meet with students during the second semester of each school year to select courses for the following school year. This process helps students plan appropriately for post-secondary endeavors. The resources below aid students and parents during and after the academic advising period.

Information about school-based course offerings and specific dates is available in your school's counseling office. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact your student's school counselor.

Circular pictograph showing the five qualities a PWCS student will graduate with--Critical thinker symbolized with a puzzle inside head, digital citizen-symbolized with quotation marks, global collaborator-symbolized with many individual heads interconnecting, resilient-symbolized by a person on top of a mountain, and innovator and visionary, symbolized by a light bulb.

PWCS Profile of a Graduate

To ensure students have the habits of mind to create a thriving future for themselves and their community, every PWCS student will develop the knowledge and skills throughout their pre-K-12 experience to graduate with the following qualities: Critical Thinker, Digital Citizen, Global Collaborator, Resilient, and Innovator and Visionary.
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College & Career Readiness

Visit the College & Career Readiness webpage for more information on preparing students for success after high school.

Exclude ACT/SAT Test Score from Transcript

If you do not want your child's college performance-related standardized test scores such as the SAT and ACT to be included on his/her official secondary school transcript, please submit the ACT/SAT Opt-Out Form (PDF) to your child's school counseling department. Visit the College Entrance Testing webpage for more information and translated forms.