Name Phone Email Department/Assigned School
Tamaica Martin, Ed.D.
Supervisor, Student Prevention Programs & Family Assistance

(o) 703-791-7268 Office of Student Services and Post-Secondary Success
Jillian O'Callaghan, Ed.D.
Coordinator, Dropout Prevention and Truancy Intervention

(o) 703-853-2359 Student Prevention Programs & Family Assistance, Office of Student Services and Post-Secondary Success
Attendance Officer
Unity Braxton Middle (base school)
Ellis Elementary
Lake Ridge Elementary
Mullen Elementary
Sinclair Elementary
Springwoods Elementary
Sudley Elementary
West Gate Elementary
Westridge Elementary
Maria Aguilera
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-221-4139

(o) 571-374-6235 Colgan High School (base school)
Benton Middle
Coles Elementary
Marshall Elementary
Penn Elementary
Kyle Wilson Elementary
Milton Aponte-Arroyo
Attendance Intervention Specialist

(c) 571-268-7908

(o) 703-730-7000 ext. 0656 Gar-Field High School (base school)

Claudia Cruz
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-268-7909

(o) 571-298-067 Gar-Field High School (base school)
Hampton Middle
Bel Air Elementary
Dale City Elementary
Jenkins Elementary
Kerrydale Elementary
Minnieville Elementary
Neabsco Elementary
Tiffany Dibenedetto
Attendance Intervention Specialist

(c) 571-989-8116

(o) 571-598-3027 Unity Reed High School (base school)
Toni Gibson
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-244-0795

(o) 571-248-3161 Gainesville High School (base school)
Buckland Mills Elementary
Chris Yung Elementary
Gainesville Middle
Haymarket Elementary
Piney Branch Elementary
Tyler Elementary
Daniellia Gilliam
Attendance Officer

(c) 703-398-7507

(o) 571-598-3169 Unity Reed High School (base school)
Calinda Hawkins
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-298-5070

(o) 703-594-3626 Patriot High School (base school)
Bristow Run Elementary
Independence Nontraditional ED Center
Independence Nontraditional High
Independence Nontraditional Middle
T. Clay Wood Elementary
Victory Elementary
Laura Inesta
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-269-1412

(o) 571-598-3906 Osbourn Park High School (base school)
Loch Lomond Elementary
Parkside Middle
Pennington Traditional
Signal Hill Elementary
Yorkshire Elementary
Danielle James
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-641-1195

(o) 571-641-1195 Battlefield High School (base school)
Alvey Elementary
Bull Run Middle
Gravely Elementary
Mountain View Elementary
Reagan Middle
Robin Judge
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-269-1535

(o) 703-441-4290 Potomac High School (base school)
Covington-Harper Elementary
Leesylvania Elementary
Mary Williams Elementary
Potomac Middle
Potomac Shores Middle
River Oaks Elementary
Swans Creek Elementary
Triangle Elementary
Elizabeth Padilla
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-241-3907

(o) 571-589-3306 Freedom High School (base school)
Featherstone Elementary
Marumsco Hills Elementary
Potomac View Elementary
Rippon Middle
Vaughan Elementary
Woodbridge Middle
Alma Rivera
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-641-1199

(o) 571-781-3359 Brentsville District High School (base school)
Bennett Elementary
Cedar Point Elementary
Glenkirk Elementary
Independence Nontraditional High
Marsteller Middle
Nokesville School
Pace West
Zulma Santos
Title I — Attendance Officer

(c) 703-583-1405

(o) 571-589-3221 Freedom High School (base school)

John Valdez
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-722-9007

(o) 703-586-9770 Hylton High School (base school)
Beville Middle
Enterprise Elementary
Fitzgerald Elementary
King Elementary
McAuliffe Elementary
Porter Traditional
Rosa Parks Elementary
Saunders Middle
Rachelle White
Attendance Officer

(c) 703-231-2873

(o) 571-589-3478 Forest Park High School (base school)
Ashland Elementary
Dumfries Elementary
Graham Park Middle
Henderson Elementary
Montclair Elementary
Pattie Elementary
Washington-Reid Preschool
Gary Wortham
Attendance Officer

(c) 571-269-1494

(o) 571-492-3968 Woodbridge High School (base school)
Antietam Elementary
Belmont Elementary
Fred Lynn Middle
Kilby Elementary
Lake Ridge Middle
Occoquan Elementary
Old Bridge Elementary
Rockledge Elementary