Erica C. Tredinnick, Brentsville District

Erica Tredinnick

Erica C. Tredinnick

Brentsville District

About Erica Tredinnick

Erica Tredinnick, first and foremost, is a dedicated mom and wife, with her children being the driving force behind her deep involvement in schools and community service. Growing up in Prince William County, Erica's appreciation for the work of educators and public servants was instilled by her parents—a retired teacher and principal for Prince William County Schools and a retired Prince William County Police Officer & Chief. Erica attended Neabsco, Coles, and Brentsville schools, fostering a unique love for the entire county. Her fondness for PWCS fueled her anticipation to be involved in her own children’s schools. From volunteering in the cafeteria, library, and office to working as a Teacher's Assistant, she's been hands-on for over a decade. Her extensive involvement includes serving on the PTO for many years, taking on roles such as PTO President and Advisory Council member for elementary, middle, and high schools, cultivating meaningful connections within the community and gaining a firsthand look at how our schools operate. You'll spot Erica cheering her boys on at school sporting events with her decorated cowbell or quietly enjoying their chorus and drama performances. Additionally, Erica has dedicated her time to the county, proudly playing a role in the exciting Rollins Ford Park opening as the Brentsville Commissioner on the Parks and Recreation Board. She also served on the Racial and Social Justice Committee. Passionate about advocating for students, parents, and teachers, Erica's experience over the last few years, including School Board meetings, fueled her desire to serve as an effective representative on the Board. Her commitment is driven by a profound belief in providing every child with the best educational experience, advocating for parents, teachers, and students, avoiding the mistakes of the past, and protecting their futures!

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