Diane L. Raulston, Neabsco District

Diane L. Raulston

Neabsco District

About Diane L. Raulston

Diane Raulston was elected on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, as the Prince William County School Board representative for the Neabsco District. Ms. Raulston's commitment and pledge to all of the residents of the Neabsco District includes advocacy for children and their families for quality, equitable, and collaborative education. She also commits to ensuring that Prince William County Public Schools will be held accountable in providing high quality and diversified education for all students.

Ms. Raulston's work as an advocate dates back to 1966 when she was a high school student and advocate for education in the Monterey, California high school system. She was later elected by her peers as a high school student delegate and testified before the State of California Board of Education subcommittee on high school diplomas, achievement tests, and state-required graduation requirements. Her testimony, lobbying, and campaign efforts resulted in a complete success as the Monterey, California school district changed policy to address and reflect the needs that Ms. Raulston championed. After high school, Ms. Raulston attended college and continued to advocate for various needs of the common interest and beyond.

Ms. Raulston has received many awards for her work for the advancement of student achievement. The most notable award came from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Title One Programs - Parent Leader Advocate Program of 1990. She was appointed as a State of California Education committee member for two five-year terms by Ms. Delaine Easton, former Secretary of the State of California Department of Education, 1994.

In 2007, Ms. Raulston moved to Dale City, Virginia where she obtained membership in many local and civic organizations. She currently sits as an active member of the Bel Air Women's Club and VFW Post 1503; is a lifetime member of the Dale City Civic Association, and volunteers for the Prince William County Lassie League. On a county level, she was appointed to serve two terms as chair of the Neabsco Budget Committee at the pleasure of the Honorable John D. Jenkins, Board of County Supervisors. In addition, she was appointed to and currently sits on the Prince William County Disability Services Board, and the Discover Prince William & Manassas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Ms. Raulston was honored to receive Congressional Recognition of Volunteerism from Congressman Gerald Connolly in 2013 and 2014 and from U.S. Senator Mark Warner in 2014.

Ms. Raulston attended Kansas State College and majored in English and Journalism.

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