First 100 Days

Dr. McDade with three elementary school students.

Dr. LaTanya D. McDade's First 100 Days

Updated as of October 21, 2021

Pre-Entry Phase - Completed

During the pre-entry phase, the superintendent will assemble a transition team to support a smooth and seamless transition.

  • Meet with School Board Members to learn more about the PWCS Community and Board Priorities
  • Develop community engagement plan
  • Review current PWCS plans and documents

Phase I-Entry - Completed

The superintendent will begin listening and learning through structured activities designed to better understand the current state of the district. This will be done through authentic engagement with division stakeholders via listening tours, round tables, school visits, meet and greets. This time will also be used to understand the organizational structure and determine the next steps for ensuring operational excellence and organizational coherence.

*Note: This list is updated frequently.

  • Planning with School Board
  • Local elected officials meetings
  • County Government Leaders
  • Business community meetings
  • Community leader meetings
  • The Prince William County-Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce
  • Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction - Dr. James Lane
  • PWCS leadership team introduction meetings
  • Principal introduction meetings
  • Division staff briefings
  • Community events
  • Teacher listening sessions
  • Administrator listening sessions
  • Support employee listening sessions
  • School Visits and/or Parent Listening Sessions

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Phase II-Establishing/Articulating The Vision - Completed

The superintendent will lead by example and articulate a vision for high expectations, collaborative teamwork, and shared accountability for student success. During this phase, the superintendent will work to strengthen and/or build systems and structures for communication, organizational unity, and an environment where staff know and are invested in expectations of their role and contributions to the mission of PWCS.

  • EEE Conference
  • Teacher Connect
  • Middle School Conference
  • Classified Staff Conference
  • Student Services Conference
  • Bookkeeper In-Service

Phase III-Strategic Planning -Completed

This phase will lead to the development of a multi-year strategic plan to chart the path forward for PWCS to experience marked growth and increased academic achievement while prioritizing equity. Using all qualitative and quantitative data captured during phases one and two, the superintendent will lead continuous improvement through collaboration and convergence to develop strong theories of action, identify measurable implementation goals, and ambitious impact goals bound to student outcomes.


Personal Beliefs and Core Values


Access to high-quality education is every child's fundamental right. Our classrooms must reflect rigorous, culturally-responsive teaching and learning with high expectations for every student to achieve. This requires shared ownership of a divisionwide culture of instructional excellence. Administrators should be supported as instructional leaders where time is protected to focus on improving core instruction. Teachers should have access to a professional learning community that values adult learning to improve their craft coupled with safe practice to build teacher agency and self-efficacy. Teachers and leaders should be engaged in authentic dialogue that values their professional expertise to achieve excellence in education.


All PWCS schools must be welcoming, nurturing learning environments where all students feel safe and supported mentally, physically, and emotionally. Every student must be met with high expectations in spaces that affirm their identity and fosters student agency and ownership of their learning. Classrooms should serve as mirrors and windows, allowing students to see themselves, their cultures, and rich history as well as the world around them. We can accomplish our goal of providing a "World-Class Education" for every PWCS student if we effectively utilize our talent, focus our resources, and lead with equity as a moral imperative.


Our schools are the pillars of our communities. Authentic engagement with family and community as partners in education is vital in achieving the mission of a world-class education for every child. We must be open, honest, and build trust with our students, families, educators, and community by providing them with important and timely information, transparent communication, and leverage their voices to continuously improve as a school division.

Chamber of Commerce members meeting Dr. McDade
Reception for Dr. McDade
Reception for Dr. McDade