Kyle Thaller

According to the United States Senate, the first page was appointed in 1829. Senate page duties consist primarily of the delivery of correspondence and legislative material within the Congressional complex.

Prior to his selection as a page, Thaller said, "I am passionate about serving the United States. I was driven to attend the U.S. Naval Academy and to become a Navy Seal until being diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes five years ago. Having impact and making a difference as a global leader are my driving ambitions. So, serving as a Senate Page would be an amazing experience and would clearly help me better serve our country."

He also said that being a page will help him reach his career goal.

"My lifelong career goal is to become a U.S. Senator by first attending college and law school, then becoming a district attorney, and subsequently being elected to Congress and the Senate," he said. "I think being a Senate page will enlighten me on how senators interact and actually do their jobs, therefore furthering my understanding of what it means to be a senator."

When Thaller was 12, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, inspiring him to create Kyle's Campaigns for Change (KCC), an organization that raises money for blood glucose measuring strips and meters for Juba, South Sudan and Khartoum, Sudan. He and his father travelled to Sudan last August to deliver test strips, lancets, and other medical supplies. He continues to raise money through his website.

Last spring, Thaller met with U.S. Congressman Robert Wittman to talk about KCC. He also met with the deputy ambassador for South Sudan. Also last spring, Prince William County Public Schools asked Thaller to provide the keynote speech for their Global Leadership Conference, where he talked about his struggles with Type-1 diabetes and the work he is doing through KCC.

Dr. Mike Bishop, principal at Patriot High School, said Thaller is a well-respected student.

"He has worked diligently to be accepted into this program," Bishop said. "We are all very proud of him and applaud his work."