students gathered around a table writing notes on hot beverage sleeves

As a World Kindness School, Springwoods Elementary School shows kindness to those both inside and outside its walls. Fourth and fifth graders recently collaborated with Starbucks in Lake Ridge to spread some kindness in their local community. Under the guidance of school counselors and Teacher Assistant Jen McDonald, the students wrote uplifting and encouraging words on hot beverage sleeves.

McDonald read about a school doing this in the Midwest and realized that this would be an excellent project to do with Springwoods Elementary. She approached Mo Canady, manager at the Starbucks in Lake Ridge, about the idea, who was 100 percent on board.

Students were excited to know that someone would receive their message and have it make their day. One student said, "It makes me feel great to spread kindness. I'm happy that I can make someone smile."

The notes have been well-received. Canady explained, "Folks were really surprised when they saw the messages and thought it was very thoughtful of Springwoods to share their words of kindness and encouragement."

Staff fostering an attitude of kindness in our students is Positively PWCS.

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