The School Board unanimously approved a resolution condemning racism and affirming the school division's commitment to an inclusive school environment for all.

Loree Williams, Vice-Chairwoman (Woodbridge District), brought the resolution to the School Board for approval. It was approved on June 10, 2020.

"As an almost lifelong resident and as a product of Prince William County Public Schools, I didn't honestly believe that we would ever get to a point where we would be making this bold statement to our community, and I am immensely proud that we are doing so," Williams said.

"Accountability has been a really common theme that has come up from parents, from students every way we turn," she added. "This school division has come a long way in addressing concerns since I was enrolled, and I think that we need to continue down that path."

A copy of the resolution can be found here (PDF).

Talk to your children: Resources to help you understand and discuss race and racism

The PWCS Office of Student Services has provided a list of resources to help parents discuss recent events and news on topics of discrimination and racism with their children. Children are likely seeing and hearing about these events and the protests taking place in our community and country. Understanding our own mindsets and other points of view can help parents hold meaningful conversations with their children to promote a culture of respect and an appreciation for all in our diverse community.

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