Eight young students in separate circles holding pinwheels. Students and staff at Chris Yung Elementary School recognized the International Day of Peace "Peace Day" with activities designed to raise awareness and spread the message of peace. Peace Day is celebrated around the world and occurs annually on September 21.

Each year the staff and students prepare for the celebration based on a primary theme. This year, students created pinwheels to serve as a symbol of peace.

Faith Broome, art teacher at Chris Yung Elementary and coordinator of the event, explained, "In art class via Zoom, we read 'The Colors of Us' and 'All the Colors of the Earth,' both stories about the different colors of skin. Students trace their hands onto pinwheel paper, color, cut, and fold them into pinwheels to create abstract work. I put together the supplies for each student, and teachers put them in with their other supplies from school."

The Peace Day Zoom began with the school song and a warm welcome from Principal Kathy Notyce. When the she asked the group why we celebrate Peace Day, one student replied, "Because it brings joy when you are kind to everyone." Another added, "It creates positive energy."

Betsy Masterson, the school librarian, followed by reading two books about peace before showing a Wordle display based on a schoolwide survey asking how students can be peaceful. Broome then opened up the show to anyone who wanted to add their ideas about peace. What followed was an impressive array of artwork and writings students had produced under the guidance of their teachers.

The grand finale was the result of more than 200 Chris Yung students uploading videos to Flipgrid, depicting their "Pinwheels for Peace" in action.