patriotic red, white, and blue wave that says Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) honors all those who are military veterans. We pay special tribute to all of the school division employees who have served in the military. Not only are these men and women our valued colleagues, friends, and family members, but through their work in PWCS their dedication and continued service to our community reminds us each day of the importance of freedom and patriotism in this great nation.

Thank you!

This list and the accompanying video include only a few of the many PWCS employees who have served in the U.S. Military:

U.S Air Force:
Ken Bassett
Jessica Champion
Cheri Ebbrecht
Michael Fuller
Mark Harrup
Jolinda (Jody) Hartman
Todd Hartman
Sue Hunter
William P. Laramie
Melanie Martz
Troy M. Marvin
Vernon Payne
Courtney Power
Glynis Taylor
Diane Sartori
Amanda L. Smialek
Kristine Stebbins
Dan Vasenko
Jackie Vialpando
Sheila Zrimm

U.S. Army:
Tom Alexander Jr.
Michelle Angry
Holly Banner
Jason Brown
Keaton Beaumont
Bradley Bennett
Parrisha L. Betts
Victor W. Burnette
Brian Burtner
Dale Cornett
Robert Crow
Kelly Demas
Carolyn O'Neill Fasana
Steve Gardner
Tonja Hafley
Michelle D. Heindrichs
Hector Hernandez
James Hilterbrand
Daniel Jackson
Antonio Jenkins
Carl Jenkins
James Johnson
Donna Kies
Doris E. Machin
Norman Mapp
Marlin McCauley
Patrice Mitchell-Barnes
Richard Nagel
Vicky Prosser
Patricia Reeves
Sue Reinhardt
Karen Shaver
Catherine Smart
Joe Torian
Bryan Trachsel
Alana Walmsley
Frank M. Wilborn
Steven Williams

U.S. Coast Guard:
Glenn Cash
Eileen Lutkenhouse

U.S. Marine Corps:
Elliot F. Bolles
William P. Brannen
Jason Bryce
James A. Cox III
Ronald Evans
James Fisher
George Forsythe
Robin Glover
Alan Hunter
Amos Ingram
Pauline Machayo
Joseph Makolandra
Gerald Rojas
Joan Rojsuontikul
Terese M. Stubbs
Luke Terenchin
Kimberly Whitehouse

U.S. Navy:
Christopher Baker
Gina A. Bellamy
LaTonia Bougouneau
Catherine Chase
Les Cline
Tameka Goldsmith
Douglas Herritt
Wilfredo Martinez
Ronald Robinson
Jeffrey Price
Don Spear