concurrent lessonPotomac View Elementary School fourth grade students, attending school in person and virtually, built miniature towers together. Takia Parker, elementary school counselor, and Kristina Janitschek, instructional technology coach, teamed up to provide the lesson to students.

"We were focusing on growth mindset," explained Parker. "The students had to create a tower that was able to stand on its own using 23 jelly candies and toothpicks. Each student in-person was partnered with a virtual student. The purpose of the activity was to have fun, critically think, collaborate, and not give up!"

The creative, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) lesson is an example of concurrent teaching and takes advantage of the ability students have to work together virtually and in-person.

"It was pretty cool seeing how easy it was for them to work together," said Parker. "The virtual students were just as excited as the in-person students. It was like they were in the room with them. They all were proud of what they created."