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  • Outstanding Educators event will be held virtually on April 27

    Outstanding Educators Nominees Announced

    Updated: April 20, 2021
    Forty-four teachers have been nominated by school staff and parents to be recognized as this year's PWCS Teacher of the Year, and eight principals have been nominated for the PWCS Principal of the Year award.

    Teacher nomination applications are evaluated based on award criteria including the teacher's ability to instill in students a desire to learn and achieve; understand the individual needs of the students; and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of subject matter, and to share it effectively with students.

    Criteria for selection of the Principal of the Year include the ability to manage effectively; demonstrate and encourage creativity and innovation; foster cooperation between the school and the community; encourage team spirit; demonstrate leadership and exemplify commitment; and continue to play an active role in the classroom.

    Prince William County Public Schools will recognize nominees for these awards, as well as educators who received their National Board Certification, at an all-virtual ceremony that will be prerecorded and made available on Tuesday, April 27. The School Board Chairman At-Large will have an opportunity to be recorded as part of the video to provide remarks on behalf of the Board. The Outstanding Educators Ceremony is being held virtually this year as a result of the COVID-19 social gathering limit required by the state. The event will be broadcast on PWCS-TV (Comcast Channel 18 and Verizon Fios Channel 36) and can also be viewed on the PWCS-TV website.

    Congratulations to these World-Class educators and administrators.

    Teachers Nominated for Teacher of the Year

    Kristi Abram, T. Clay Wood Elementary School
    Stephanie Brown, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School
    Ginger Budd-Gaspar, Fred M. Lynn Middle School
    Megan Buzzard, Victory Elementary School
    Lisa Cahill, Benton Middle School
    Cheryl Clarke, Osbourn Park High School
    Elizabeth Cudd, Antietam Elementary School
    Jamie Dziuba, Fred M. Lynn Middle School
    Jennifer Ellis, Bull Run Middle School
    Caitlin Farrell, Rippon Middle School
    Jessica Finch, Marsteller Middle School
    Danielle Fink, Rockledge Elementary School
    Samantha Golnek, Potomac High School
    Andrew Grupp, Fred M. Lynn Middle School
    Joy Hill, Battlefield High School
    Jessica Hruska, Unity Reed High School
    Rabah Issa, Saunders Middle School
    Kimberly Jenkins, Pattie Elementary School
    Marla Kozlak, Bel Air Elementary School
    Lindsay Kraus, Gainesville Middle School
    Jessica LoPresti, Battlefield High School
    Siobhan Lyles, Mary Williams Elementary School
    Lauren Maula, Battlefield High School
    Kelly McCann, Forest Park High School
    Gregory McKenzie, Patriot High School
    Erin Merrill, Pennington Traditional School
    Stephanie Mumford, Pattie Elementary School
    Jennifer Nichols, Covington-Harper Elementary School
    Patricia Oddi, Freedom High School
    Marieann Ramirez, Chris Yung Elementary School
    Marc Romano, Bull Run Middle School
    Rosa Rosas, Bel Air Elementary School
    Matthew Schaffer, Fred M. Lynn Middle School
    Keith Schubert, Graham Park Middle School
    Sarah Senio, Signal Hill Elementary School
    Wendy Sherbert, Mountain View Elementary School
    Ashli Sims, Antietam Elementary School
    Victoria Smith, Independence Nontraditional School
    Wendee Sukanovich, Enterprise Elementary School
    Elizabeth Summers, Fred M. Lynn Middle School
    Saburnia Thistle, Mountain View Elementary School
    Timothy Vaughan, Marsteller Middle School
    Sean Ward, Antietam Elementary School
    Dawn Williams, King Elementary School

    Principals Nominated for Principal of the Year

    Adriane Harrison, Mountain View Elementary School
    Mark Boyd, Vaughan Elementary School
    Mary Jane Boynton, Parkside Middle School
    Richard Nichols, Unity Reed High School
    Matthew Phythian, Bull Run Middle School
    Amy Schott, Rockledge Elementary School
    Julie Svendsen, West Gate Elementary School
    Eric Worcester, The Nokesville School

    National Board-Certified Teachers

    Melanie Costa, Gar-Field High School
    Juli Dempewolf, Brentsville District High School
    Amanda Esteban, Battlefield High School
    Jason Fox, C.D. Hylton High School
    Rebecca Frischkorn, The Nokesville School
    Tara Hamner, Coles Elementary School
    Cheryl Miehl, Brentsville District High School
    Jennifer Nichols, Covington-Harper Elementary School
    Brandie Provenzano, Battlefield High School
    Ann Reighard, Rosa Parks Elementary School
    Amanda Shaw, Covington-Harper Elementary School
    Meghan Urey, West Gate Elementary School
    Rodney Wyrick, Woodbridge High School