balloonsUpdated: May 18, 2021
This past year was unusual to say the least, but for many PWCS employees, it will be the steppingstone to the next phase in their lives. Over 200 PWCS employees who have dedicated much of their lives to teaching our students, leading our schools, and fulfilling important roles in the division, will be celebrated in a prerecorded virtual retirement ceremony on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, at 7 p.m.

Among the retirees this year are Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steve Walts and Deputy Superintendent Keith Imon, who each boast more than 15 years of leading PWCS and providing a World-Class Education.

We are looking forward to celebrating our retirees as they mark this significant milestone in their lives. The retirement ceremony is being held virtually this year as a result of the COVID-19 social gathering limit required by the state. The event will be broadcast on PWCS-TV (Comcast channel 18 and Verizon Fios channel 36) and can also be viewed on the PWCS-TV website. We hope you will tune in and join us as we celebrate the contributions of these employees.

The PWCS list of retirees for 2020-21 are:

With more than 45 years: Doris Newton, Office of Transportation Services and Darlene Wooley, Gar-Field High School.

More than 40 years: Michael Anns, Office of Transportation Services; Linda Kuster, Office of Transportation Services; Francis Mervine, Office of Facilities Services; Charles Midgette, Office of Transportation Services; Charles Payne, Office of Transportation Services; Gary Perdue, Office of Facilities Services; Estelle Reid, Office of Transportation Services; Ted Riley, Office of Facilities Services; and Richard Shahan, Office of Communications Services.

More than 35 years: Susan Byrne, Office of Special Education and Michelle Wentzel, Office of Special Education.

More than 30 years: Kim Albrecht, Office of Special Education; Hilda Amezquita, Lake Ridge Middle School; Claire Ash, Old Bridge Elementary School; Gloria Ayers, Office of Transportation Services; Christina Barcalow, Graham Park Middle School; Linda Clark, The Nokesville School; Kristina Ferrell, Osbourn Park High School; Deborah Frye, Fred M. Lynn Middle School; Rochelle Hamilton, Office of Special Education; Teddy Hawley, Osbourn Park High School; Cheryl Jackson, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Susan Lane, Lake Ridge Elementary School; Michiko Lytle, School Food and Nutrition Services; Judith McDaniel, Marsteller Middle School; Patsy Mitchell, Office of Transportation Services; Augusta O'Brien, Office of Transportation Services; Cheryl Phillips, Saunders Middle School; Ronnie Presley, Office of Facilities Services; Charles Reedy, Brentsville District High School; Dennis Robinson, Print Shop; Rosa Roca, Gar-Field High School; Linda Shaffer, Potomac View Elementary School; John Spaulding, Independence Nontraditional School; Deborah Stachkunas, Office of Special Education; Donna Stofko, Office of Student Learning; Frances Stubbs, Triangle Elementary School; Daniel Tarr, Benton Middle School; Katherine Thiele, Office of Student Learning; Teresa Weber, Parkside Middle School; Amy White, Department for Human Resources; Donna Wilder, Office of Professional Learning; Larry Williams, C.D. Hylton High School; Luella Williams, Montclair Elementary School; and Billy Wright, Office of Facilities Services.

More than 25 years: Marcia Abel, Vaughan Elementary School; Mitchell Axman, Independence Nontraditional School; Suzanne Bevans, Henderson Elementary School; Deborah Bosvert, Benton Middle School; Damon Cerrone, Piney Branch Elementary School; Jeffrey Custer, Gar-Field High School; Kathleen Dail, Independence Nontraditional School; Rebecca Desjardin, Belmont Elementary School; Evelyn Facciolo, School Food and Nutrition Services; Patricia Herndon, Unity Reed High School; Sun Katzbeck, Gar-Field High School; Nancy Kulak, Cedar Point Elementary School; Cathy Lane, C.D. Hylton High School; Miu Leung, School Food and Nutrition Services; Penny Mangus, Kerrydale Elementary School; Leona Matusiak, Fred M. Lynn Middle School; Norma McAllister, Information Technology Services; Gloria Micielli, Dumfries Elementary School; Thomas Moulen, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Donna Salinas, School Food and Nutrition Services; Michael Salmons, Unity Reed High School; Elizabeth Schadlich, Covington-Harper Elementary School; Mary Lynn Thurman, Hampton Middle School; Katherine Van Cleve, Office of Transportation Services; Jacqueline Wilkerson, School Food and Nutrition Services; and Susann Williams, School Food and Nutrition Services.

More than 20 years: Sandy Baillargeon, School Food and Nutrition Services; Suzanne Ballve, Signal Hill Elementary School; Kathleen Brady, Bull Run Middle School; Jolene Callison Weigel, King Elementary School; Mark Carder, Woodbridge High School; Jacquelin Connelly, Graham Park Middle School; Kathy Dively, Sudley Elementary School; Cecelia Drisko, Woodbridge High School; Judith Edwards, Unity Reed High School; Rosa Febus, Minnieville Elementary School; Brian Ferris, Gar-Field High School; Christine Flench, Enterprise Elementary School; Carolyn Fusco, Woodbridge High School; Rebecca Haney, Belmont Elementary School; Amy Hickey, Office of Student Learning; Christine Honeycutt, Office of Facilities Services; Donna Ivory, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Stan Jones, C.D. Hylton High School; Erica Laich, Unity Reed High School; Camroon Lalputan, School Food and Nutrition Services; Laura Landis, Office of Transportation Services; Felicia Lawson, Title I; Danny Lorenz, Forest Park High School; Kathlyn Lovell, Office of Special Education; Rosemarie Lyons, Office of Transportation Services; Anita McFall, School Food and Nutrition Services; Claudia Plowden, Graham Park Middle School; Kathleen Schweitzer, Office of Supply Services; Kathleen Tucker, Swans Creek Elementary School; Robin Vaneman, Haymarket Elementary School; Ileana Vargas, School Food and Nutrition Services; Sharon Walters, Dale City Elementary School; Debora Warncke, Woodbridge Middle School; and Ronald Whitten, Covington-Harper Elementary School.

More than 15 years: Randa Al-Nehlawi, Potomac High School; Zonia Alva, Old Bridge Elementary School; Annette Amaral, Bennett Elementary School; Jose Amaya, Gainesville Middle School; Ellen Benjamin, Springwoods Elementary School; Julie Bernazani, Office of Transportation Services; Michele Berry, Yorkshire Elementary School; Janet Boyd, Yorkshire Elementary School; William Brannen, Gar-Field High School; Jason Bryce, Brentsville District High School; Maira Buggs, Forest Park High School; Carol Butler, Woodbridge High School; Cleopatra Caravaca, Office of Transportation Services; Mary Carroll, Vaughan Elementary School; Richard Cauthen, Potomac Middle School; Barbara Clink, Alvey Elementary School; Mary Cofsky, Neabsco Elementary School; Norma Daho, School Food and Nutrition Services; Barbara Derstine, Marsteller Middle School; John Dove, Information Technology Services; Laura Dowling, Forest Park High School; Carolyn Everett, Hampton Middle School; James Fisher, Kerrydale Elementary School; Rena Fleming, Gar-Field High School; Anita Flemons, Old Bridge Elementary School; Samuel Franklin, Office of Transportation Services; Nancy Frederick, Office of Transportation Services; Eilene Garland, School Food and Nutrition Services; Paulette Garner, Parkside Middle School; Dawn Geary, Tyler Elementary School; Barbara Gregg, Marumsco Hills Elementary School; Elizabeth Halderman, Mary Williams Elementary School; Walter Harris, Office of Facilities Services; Judith Henderson, Bristow Run Elementary School; Keith Imon, Deputy Superintendent of Schools; Shamoon Jameer, Saunders Middle School; Michael Knight, Potomac High School; Lynne Leon, Office of Transportation Services; Laura Lovelace, Office of Accountability; Linda Manley, Office of Student Services - Nurse Program; Betty Marcus, Bristow Run Elementary School; Dory Mcallister, Independence Nontraditional School; Ellen Menzies, Coles Elementary School; Milton Mitchell, Information Technology Services; Vicki Moran, Information Technology Services; Sylvia Negron, Vaughan Elementary School; Kristina Nelson, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Myrna Nolla-Horner, Office of Special Education; Debra Null, School Food and Nutrition Services; John O'Shea, Office of Facilities Services; Robin Pafford, Office of Special Education; Dany Jo Peabody, Office of Student Services - Nurse Program; Ellyn Pesce, Occoquan Elementary School; Clare Phillips, Occoquan Elementary School; LornaJean Pozeg, School Food and Nutrition Services; Carol Pratt, Benton Middle School; Kerry Reid, C.D. Hylton High School; Paulette Roan, Benton Middle School; Carole Robinson, River Oaks Elementary School; Joan Rojsuontikul, Pattie Elementary School; Glenn Roxbury, Office of Transportation Services; Cheryl Smith, Sudley Elementary School; Maria Soriano, Unity Reed High School; Jamila Stone, Benton Middle School; Leanne Thomas, Mary Williams Elementary School; Tuan Tran, Office of Transportation Services; Maria Vila, Freedom High School; Jacqueline Waddell, Office of Special Education; Lynn Wallace, Office of Student Learning; Steven Walts, Superintendent of Schools; Lee White, Office of Special Education; Debra Williams, Unity Reed High School; Lisa Xantus, Graham Park Middle School; and Cynthia Young, Rippon Middle School.

More than 10 years: Doreen Affaidoo, School Food and Nutrition Services; Anna Barrera, School Food and Nutrition Services; Linda Baumgartner, Battlefield High School; Donald Booth, Office of Transportation Services; Beverly Byer, Glenkirk Elementary School; Sharon Collins, Springwoods Elementary School; Noelle Combs, Vaughan Elementary School; Evelyn Cook, Office of Transportation Services; Velda Curran, Office of Student Learning; Thomas Dagenhart, Osbourn Park High School; Zonia Escobar, Ashland Elementary School; Cynthia Fuerst, Patriot High School; Leslie Genovese, Leesylvania Elementary School; Deborah Gessel, Office of Transportation Services; Zuzelle Hartman, Springwoods Elementary School; Gayle Hines, Office of Special Education; Janice Johnson, Battlefield High School; Anthony King, Office of Transportation Services; Lisa Kline, Office of Student Learning; Susan Kopa, Lake Ridge Middle School; Victor Lena, Pennington Traditional School; Lydia Malone, Office of Transportation Services; Beth Martin, Swans Creek Elementary School; Elizabeth Masterson, Chris Yung Elementary School; Carol Paskow, Fred M. Lynn Middle School; Cheryl Porter, Gainesville Middle School; Deborah Ransom, Office of Student Services; Brenda Rector, West Gate Elementary School; Sue Reinhardt, Coles Elementary School; Tammy Rosario, Head Start; Kristine Ruscello, Sudley Elementary School; Penelope Saeli, Tyler Elementary School; David Schaller, Potomac Middle School; Mary Scott, Buckland Mills Elementary School; Steven Scott, Woodbridge High School; Linda Singh, Signal Hill Elementary School; Joyce Smith, Office of Facilities Services; Nancy Solak, Dumfries Elementary School; Denise Thomas, T. Clay Wood Elementary School; Dana Travis, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School; Mary Triplett, Glenkirk Elementary School; Sabrina Walker, C.D. Hylton High School; Annie Washington, Marsteller Middle School; Susan Weimer, Pennington Traditional School; Banchi Wogdress, Office of Transportation Services; Debra Wolfe, Pennington Traditional School; and Esther Wright, Unity Braxton Middle School.

More than five years: Diana Bohuslov, Battlefield High School; Suzanne Butterfield, Rosa Parks Elementary School; John Chrisinger, Battlefield High School; Anthony Crosby, Office of Financial Services; Earnest Gorham, Information Technology Services; Pamela Guinn, Office of Transportation Services; Theresa Hart, Office of Community and Business Engagement/SPARK; Sayed Hashimi, Office of Transportation Services; Ann Horner, Rippon Middle School; Gladys Inoa, Enterprise Elementary School; Lisa Laughlin, Penn Elementary School; Nannie Leonard, Office of Transportation Services; Michael Lucas, Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School; Cyndy Mattia, Parkside Middle School; William Moore, Office of Transportation Services; Sherri Nosenzo, Office of Transportation Services; Angela Robinson, Woodbridge Middle School; Miriam Santana-Acosta, School Food and Nutrition Services; Jeffrey Webb, Office of Facilities Services; Eleanor Willis-Parvaiz, Office of Transportation Services; and Laura Workman, Unity Reed High School.

One to five years: Jean Allen, Office of Special Education; Shawn Alley, Sinclair Elementary School; Sandra Altieri, Rippon Middle School; Deborah Brown, Lake Ridge Elementary School; Vickie Clinehens, Featherstone Elementary School; Hildy Conrad, West Gate Elementary School; Yvonne Dailey, School Food and Nutrition Services; Quintus Ferguson, Office of Transportation Services; Martha Galvan, River Oaks Elementary School; Barbara Grogan, Pattie Elementary School; Marie Hernandez, Kyle Wilson Elementary School; Wayne Johnson, Gravely Elementary School; Carla Mueller, Lake Ridge Middle School; Lillie Parker, Vaughan Elementary School; Rebecca Peach, Office of Special Education; Joy Ramsey, Piney Branch Elementary School; and Sheila Wilson, Office of Student Services - Nurse Program.

*This list includes Prince William County Public Schools employees who submitted their notice to retire between March 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021.