dual photo image of Patriot High and T.Clay Wood Elementary Schools and a symbol that reads: 10 years and the text: Patriot High and T.Clay Wood Elementary 10-year anniversary celebration to be held on September 10-11Patriot High School and T. Clay Wood Elementary School are celebrating 10-year anniversaries this year. Both schools opened in 2011 and have planned some special events for current and former staff, students, and their families in honor of this milestone. The celebration events, some of which will be held jointly, are set to be held over a two-day span that encompasses Saturday, September 11, Patriot Day, in honor of Patriot High School's special connection to that holiday.   

Events kick off on Friday, September 10, with:  
  • A parade from T. Clay Wood Elementary to Patriot High;  
  • A  carnival;  
  • A "taste-of-the-town" event with local food vendors;   
  • Performances and athlete ceremony; and
  • The Patriot vs. Forest Park High Schools football game.   
Events on Saturday, September 11:   
  • The Patriot Heroes Fun Run*; and   
  • Inaugural Pioneer Car Show.     
Visit the Patriot High School 10th Anniversary celebration webpage for further event and registration information. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.   

*Patriot Heroes Fun Run: The 10-year anniversary of Patriot High School includes a 5K/1.1-mile Fun Run on September 11, 2021. This event marks all of Patriot's successes over the last ten years, while recognizing the victims of 9/11. Follow the link above for more details and registration.