Kid's Heart Challenge LogoPWCS has been the top fundraiser in Virginia for the American Heart Association's (AHA) Kid's Heart Challenge for the past five consecutive years. The resources provided by the AHA for the program ties into the health and physical education curriculum. Students learn about how to keep their hearts healthy through physical activity, eating nutritious foods, and managing stress.

Several schools in the division participate every year. "The American Heart Association has had heart partners programs within our schools for over 40 years. Just over 300,000 schools in the nation participate. And over 600 alone just in the state of Virginia," Marjorie ChurchBourne, AHA youth market director for eastern states, explained.

Prince William County is also home to two AHA Ambassadors; AJ Kosar, a fifth grader at Kerrydale Elementary School, and Cameron Barb, a second grader at Kyle Wilson Elementary School. Both students were born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). The left side of their heart was underdeveloped, which has required several surgeries since birth. Money raised from the Kid's Heart Challenge aids in researching congenital heart defects and provides doctors with resources to help children like AJ and Cameron. As AHA Ambassadors, AJ and Cameron will share their stories and experiences to promote the importance of keeping your heart healthy.

The top fundraising schools in PWCS for the 2020-21 school year include: Antietam, Cedar Point, Haymarket, Kyle Wilson, Marshall, Rosa Parks, Springwoods, and Victory Elementary Schools, and Gainesville Middle School and The Nokesville School. The schools with the most participants include Antietam, Ashland, Haymarket, Kyle Wilson, Marshall, Penn, Rosa Parks, Springwoods, and Victory Elementary Schools, and The Nokesville School.