2022 PWCS Outstanding Educators Nominees

Fifty-one teachers were nominated by school staff, parents, students, and community members to be recognized as this year's PWCS Teacher of the Year, and nine principals have been nominated for the Principal of the Year award.

Teacher applications are evaluated based on award criteria demonstrating that the teacher is an expert in their field who guides students of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve excellence; collaborates with colleagues, students, and families to create a school culture of respect and success; deliberately connects the classroom and key stakeholders to foster a strong community at large; demonstrates leadership and innovation in and outside of the classroom walls that embodies lifelong learning; and expresses themselves in an engaging and articulate way.

Criteria for selection of the Principal of the Year include the ability to manage effectively; demonstrate and encourage creativity and innovation; foster cooperation between the school and the community; maintain a continuing dialogue with students and parents, as well as faculty and staff; keep abreast of developments in the field of education; encourage team spirit; demonstrate leadership and exemplify commitment; and continue to play an active role in the classroom.

Finalists for these awards as well as educators who received or renewed their National Board Certification will be honored at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24, at Gar-Field High School. The event will also recognize the finalists for Outstanding New Teacher, Lead Mentor, and Mentor of the Year. It will be streamed live on PWCS Facebook and PWCS YouTube, as well as available to view on demand on PWCS Facebook, PWCS YouTube, and PWCSTV.com, at a later date.

Congratulations to these exemplary educators and administrators.

Nominees for Teacher of the Year
Judy Adams, Potomac Middle School
Beth Anderson, Battlefield High School
Michelle Anderson, Pattie Elementary School
Dina Baird, Gravely Elementary School
Sheila Baynham, The Nokesville School
Sharon Bicey, Rippon Middle School*
George Bishop, Battlefield High School
Jean Brumagim, Buckland Mills Elementary School
Karen Carney, Battlefield High School
Donna Carroll, King Elementary School
Michael Ciampaglione, Bristow Run Elementary School
Jennifer Clegg, Benton Middle School
Heather Collins, Benton Middle School
Hillary Costello, Rockledge Elementary School*
Sandra Coulter, Springwoods Elementary School
Kassandra Di Placido, Unity Braxton Middle School
Kelley Endreola, Battlefield High School
Ronald Evans, Potomac High School
Jeff Fiore, Forest Park High School
Dana Fonner, T. Clay Wood Elementary School
Julia Haggerty, Marshall Elementary School
Elizabeth Harrison, Chris Yung Elementary School
Lauren Hayworth, Marsteller Middle School
Emmanuelle Hill, Porter Traditional School
Lauren Kadlick, Ashland Elementary School
Maryann Krueger, Triangle Elementary School
Martha Lipscomb, Antietam Elementary School
Jennifer Ludlow, T. Clay Wood Elementary School
Nancy Marrero, Gainesville High School
Kelsey McCrystal, Westridge Elementary School
Staci McFadden, Chris Yung Elementary School
Stacie Mulholland, T. Clay Wood Elementary School
Scott Pollock, Benton Middle School*
Kathleen Pollock, Kyle Wilson Elementary School
Katy Prince, Antietam Elementary School*
Micheline Raton, Antietam Elementary School*
Sarah Riechers, Marshall Elementary School
Todd Robbins, Osbourn Park High School*
Melody Samsel, The Nokesville School*
Brian Shaffer, Battlefield High School*
Anthony Shulsky, Forest Park High School
Jessica Starzyk, Sudley Elementary School
Lori Sterne, Unity Reed High School*
Cynthia Sutton, Graham Park Middle School*
Rebecca Utter, Battlefield High School
Katie VanDenBerghe, Patriot High School*
Daniel Venema, Covington-Harper Elementary School
Randi Warren, Patriot High School*
Giovanni Whyte, Mullen Elementary School*
Christopher Wood, T. Clay Wood Elementary School*
Shannon Zachariasen, Springwoods Elementary School*

Nominees for Principal of the Year
Heather Abney, Woodbridge High School**
Michael Bishop, Patriot High School
Mary Jane Boynton, Parkside Middle School
Andrew Buchheit, T. Clay Wood Elementary School
Rhonda Jeck, Bristow Run Elementary School**
Michael Kelchin, Gravely Elementary School
Janeene Mainor, Springwoods Elementary School**
Richard Martinez, Forest Park High School
Katherine Meints, Brentsville District High School**

National Board-Certified Teachers
Paige Bartalot, Rockledge Elementary School
Kimberly Carter, Unity Reed High School
Amy Cofer, Pattie Elementary School
Amira Elsiah, Freedom High School
Mark Groom, Antietam Elementary School
Kerri Hallman, Saunders Middle School
Lisa Jacobsmeyer, Henderson Elementary School
Elizabeth Linehan, Parkside Middle School
Megan Martin, Pattie Elementary School
Melissa Morse, Gainesville High School
Patricia Motley, Pattie Elementary School
Patricia Napolitano, Patriot High School
Diana Pool, Battlefield High School
Amanda Shaw, Covington-Harper Elementary School
Crystal Watt, Ashland Elementary School

*Denotes finalist for the 2022 Teacher of the Year award.
**Denotes finalist for the 2022 Principal of the Year award.