Aerial view looking down at the PWCS Kelly Leadership Center atrium from above with all the art displayed on tables and vertical stands and with visitors walking around viewing the pieces. The words Learning and Achievement for All superimposed over the image

Inspired by the thriving arts programs in our schools, PWCS held its 2023 All-County Arts Festival on two dates in April this year, ensuring students’ families and members of the community had the chance to view student creativity, talent, and imagination on display across our division.

“The PWCS strategic plan identifies extended learning experiences like exhibitions as an extremely important part of a student’s fine and performing arts education,” shared Dr. Ed Stephenson, supervisor for the fine and performing arts. ”Our All-County Arts Festivals are a great example of this; students dedicate months of reflection, hard work, attention to detail, and collaboration with teachers, mentors, and peers to prepare original works of art for exhibition at these events, which strengthens their creativity, problem solving, determination, and critical thinking.”  

Thousands of visitors came to the Kelly Leadership Center, nearly 4, 000 each day, to view two and three-dimensional artwork created by young and aspiring artists in grades K-12. Computer graphic pieces were visible as projections on television screens in the atrium.

  • On Saturday, April 15, the All-County Elementary Arts Festival brought approximately 3,500 art pieces created by students from all 62 elementary schools.
  • On Saturday, April 29, the All-County Secondary Arts Festival brought approximately 5,000 pieces of student art from middle and high schools, and the nontraditional and K-8 schools.

"Our All-County Arts Festivals were a celebration of the learning and achievement of our students in the visual arts,” said Jasmine Hawkins, administrative coordinator for the fine and performing arts. “Throughout both days, we saw a constant stream of visitors; students, families, principals, PWCS employees, and School Board members spent time viewing, analyzing, and discussing the artwork. The energy in the air was palpable."

At both events, the public had the chance to browse displays, meet art educators, and discuss pieces with student artists themselves, who shared details about their own unique piece and what inspired their individual creations.

Watch this video to view the exhibits and hear from some of the student artists and their educators.