Forest Park High School student working on a computer designing a new logo for Featherstone Elementary

Students in Forest Park High School’s graphic design classes had the opportunity to showcase their talents by redesigning the logo for Featherstone Elementary School. With the prospect of having their work seen by thousands, the students created original designs that represented the philosophies of Featherstone Elementary; hearts, hands, and minds shaping the future.

Some of the students attended Featherstone, so it was a surreal full circle experience to work on a logo for their former school.

“Helping other schools helps us feel more like a community,” shared Winnie, one of the students working on the logo. “I feel very proud that I am able to help Featherstone in creating a new logo.”

“The collaboration with Featherstone was a great experience for our IT Computer Graphics students,” shared Mike Pullum, art teacher. “These students have been working all year on making vector logos and creating detailed vector designs. This project provided an opportunity for them to put those skills to use while getting real-world experience working with a client.”

“It is always rewarding to see the skills that you have helped them develop being put to use on various projects. It makes me so proud and happy for them to gather that experience,” added Pullum.

Check out some of the final designs here: 

Featherstone elementary logo featherstone logo finalist