Construction breaking ground at a new school

PWCS has shared several crucial updates regarding the Capital Improvements Program (CIP). These changes are driven by factors ranging from community engagement to infrastructure development.

The CIP plays a central role in managing and planning capital improvement projects, ensuring the proper accommodation of students. Funding for the CIP primarily prioritizes the development of new school additions and facilities to accommodate growth, renovating older schools to meet modern standards, and advancing sustainability goals within the educational infrastructure.

Several crucial updates have been made regarding planned school construction projects, impacting the timelines and priorities within PWCS.

The opening of the Potomac Shores Area Elementary School, initially set for 2026, has been pushed back to 2027. The delay was caused by the June acquisition of almost six acres of land valued at $3.6 million. Matthew Townsend, supervisor for CIP and land acquisition for Prince William County Public Schools, remarked, "Once additional infrastructure has been built and a portion of right-of-way has been vacated, we will have a clear pad site to commence construction on the new school, ensuring safer and more efficient facilities for our students.”

Similarly, the 14th High School's launch has been postponed to 2027 to provide ample time for a state-of-the-art building design with increased community and stakeholder engagement during the design process. Bock commented, “Ensuring the local community has a say in the school's design is reflected in the PWCS Strategic Plan’s Commitment 3: Family and Community Engagement and Commitment 4: Organizational Coherence.”

The renovation of Benton Middle School, scheduled for completion by 2025, is now rescheduled for 2026. The change allows for comprehensive Facility Condition Assessments. These assessments enable the school division to gain valuable insights into how the overall condition of its buildings compares, informing future decisions on maintenance and improvement.

These updates align with the prioritization and execution of school construction projects within PWCS. By focusing on community engagement, infrastructure development, and equity considerations, PWCS remains steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional educational facilities and opportunities for its students while adjusting its plans to meet the evolving needs of the community.