Virginia Department of Education releases annual academic data for PWCS

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) released today, Thursday, September 7, 2023, the annual Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) test results and updated School Quality Profile reports, including accreditation ratings.

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) overall SOL passing results included 75% in reading, 71% in writing, 71% in mathematics, 70% in social studies, and 66% in science. The state level overall passing results were 73% in reading, 65% in writing, 69% in mathematics, 65% in social studies, and 67% in science. In four of out of the five subject areas, PWCS students outscored the state.

Over the last year, PWCS’ focus on science and mathematics has yielded increases of 3% and 4% respectively.

“The spring SOL results show PWCS is collectively moving in the right direction and that there is more work to do,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. LaTanya D. McDade. “Our comprehensive plan for recovery, acceleration, and re-engagement has ensured a focus on continuous improvement in meeting the diverse academic and social well-being needs of every student. By proceeding with the implementation of our four-year Strategic Plan, we will continue improving our instructional core, engaging our community, and preparing our future graduates with the habits of mind necessary to create a thriving future for themselves and their community.”

The 2023 On-Time Graduation rate for the school division is 91.7% which is on par with last year’s rate. However, this remains below PWCS’ 2025 goal of 95% on-time graduation rate, demonstrating that a continued commitment and focus to student academic performance and engagement is required.

The state also released accreditation ratings, which are based on performance on school quality indicators:

Accredited: Schools with all school quality indicators at either Level One or Level Two. In addition, schools that are in a triennial accreditation period are also Accredited.

Accredited with Conditions: Schools with one or more school quality indicators at Level Three.

There are three additional accreditation ratings:

 Accreditation Denied: Schools that fail to adopt or fully implement required corrective actions to address Level Three school-quality indicators.

Accreditation Withheld: Used when there is a serious testing irregularity and the validity of data cannot be determined; and

New School: Awarded for a one-year period to a new school that comprises students who previously attended one or more existing schools.

In PWCS, 87 of our schools are fully accredited, six of our schools are accredited with conditions, and one is under appeal.