Photo of Colgan students who placed first at state championship

The 25 smiling faces of Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School’s competitive cheer team look at the camera, celebrating a state championship for the second consecutive year.

Congratulations to the Colgan High School cheer team, who won the Virginia High School League (VHSL) 2023 Class 6 State Championship, co-champions with Stafford High School.

Michelle Bordelon, head cheer coach and mathematics teacher at Colgan, shared, “Our year has been an amazing one! The 25 athletes on our team practiced six days a week, showing up each and every day to work hard, and it paid off!”

At the state championship, teams participated in a two-round competition. The top four teams advanced on to the second round. According to the VHSL website, each team’s routine was scored on the difficulty and execution of their stunts, pyramids, tumbling, jumps, the entertainment and execution of their dance, and overall effectiveness of their cheer/projection.

Ava Wilson, senior captain, explained how the daily practices with her coaches helped her achieve her goals. “Coach B. and Coach Owen really put in our heads every practice that the only things we should be focused on is our routine and making sure that we can do it the best we possibly can. Practices weren't always perfect, but [Coach B.] encouraged us to always push our hardest and be a family at the end of the day.”

“Practices felt efficient and geared directly to prepare and condition us for both rounds of states with an emphasis on positive attitudes and high energy,” added senior, Matthew Allen.

Riley Owen, junior captain, summarized her experience by stating, “To wake up and acknowledge our achievements still feels like a dream. More important than any title to me are the people on the mat; remembering the feeling of everything falling perfectly into place during our routine in round two and all the motivation and love we provide each other on and off the mat are moments of which I am eternally grateful.” Owen encouraged students who were interested in trying out for cheer, “to go for it!”