collage of photos from the Nest Celebration

Each quarter, Springwoods Elementary School brings students and staff together in a vibrant display of spirit and camaraderie during their Nest Celebrations. These assemblies are a cornerstone of the school’s commitment to a positive climate and culture, focusing on belonging, community, and kindness.

Lincoln, a third-grade student, shared his delight, “When everyone cheered me on today, it felt good because being treated kindly makes life, and school, a little bit easier.” Lincoln values these celebrations for fostering a sense of community and kindness at Springwoods Elementary.

Each quarter, students from different “nests” – groups representing the school’s diverse community – gather in a grand assembly. They earn points for their nest through spirited cheers, themed dress, exemplary behavior, and mutual support. The event culminates in crowning a winning nest, building up to an annual celebration where a champion is declared.

Sienna, a first-grade student, finds joy in the celebrations. “We get to dance, scream, and celebrate our nests,” she said, encapsulating the fun and excitement these events bring.

Renae Brown, a kindergarten teacher known for her pea pod costume, highlights the celebrations’ educational benefits. Brown explained, “It encourages students’ behavior, teamwork, social skills, and enhances learning in the classroom.”

Springwoods Elementary’s Nest Celebrations stand as a beacon of positive school culture, emphasizing community spirit and the joy of learning together. These events not only bring fun and excitement but also reinforce the values of kindness and inclusivity, integral to the school’s mission.

“Nest Celebrations allow students to see they belong to a community that is much bigger than just their classroom,” said Sandra Coulter, a third-grade teacher. These types of friendly competitions and community celebrations reinforce the importance of schools as an academic, as well as a social space for learning.