Elementary school teacher sitting in a classroom while talking to a diverse group of students sitting on the floor

Dear PWCS Families, Employees, and Community,

During the Wednesday, February 7 School Board meeting, we presented the FY 2025 Superintendent’s Proposed Budget to the School Board. The proposed budget maintains fidelity to the PWCS Vision 2025 Launching Thriving Futures Strategic Plan by supporting, developing, and growing our investments to realize our collective vision for all PWCS students.

In advancing our strategic commitment of Learning and Achievement for All, we are providing more assistance in our classrooms by adding 125 new teacher assistants serving students with special needs, 23 kindergarten teacher assistants, and 15.5 reading specialists. To further support our elementary schools with significant needs, an additional 10 school-based administrative interns have been funded.

Investing in our students also means investing in our dedicated staff. One key priority is to provide competitive wages. To address salary competitiveness in the mid-career range, targeted adjustments were made for teachers with 12 to 18 years of experience, granting them an additional step resulting in a salary increase between 8.1% and 9.1%. In total, the budget allocates an additional $71 million to fund average salary increases for teachers (5.2%), mid-career teachers (8.1 - 9.1%), classified staff (6%), and administrators (5.2%) for FY25. These increases account for cost-of-living adjustments and step increases, while also maintaining the 2% mid-year scale increase from FY24.

Our commitment to strengthen Family and Community Engagement has been achieved through fully funding parent liaisons at every school. To bridge the information gap between schools, families, and students, a social worker and parent liaison have been added to the Global Welcome Center in Manassas. While not part of the operating budget, major renovations of the Global Welcome Center are included in the Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

To further our commitment to a Positive Climate and Culture, we are sustaining investments made earlier this school year, including the addition of five full-time social workers, five community safety personnel, and adding a stipend for IEP case managers. Moreover, this budget continues to invest in international faculty and teacher residency programs to fulfill our commitment to inclusivity and connectedness in representing the diverse demographics of our students and staff.

The School Board will hold a public meeting on the FY 2025 Proposed Budget and CIP on February 12. An official public hearing on the FY 2025 Budget will take place on February 21, with a final School Board work session to be conducted on March 13. Upon approval, the School Board will submit the FY 2025 Budget/CIP to the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors. Additional information may be found on our website for the Proposed FY 2025 Budget.

I encourage you to review the budget proposal for more detailed information on how this budget funds our Strategic Plan and provides critical support for our students and staff.

Thank you for your continued hard work and excellence for our students every day. Your partnership is critical to launching thriving futures for our students and community.

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LaTanya D. McDade, Ed.D.
Prince William County Public Schools