Picture of a computer monitor standing on a surface in front of a light blue background and displaying three different viewpoints of school areas as seen from a camera receiver. In the foreground of the picture are two base Verkada closed-circuit television (CCTV) system cameras sitting on the surface in front of the monitor.

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) recently announced $12 million in state grant funds toward school security equipment grants for upgrades at 483 of the most-needed schools in Virginia. Applications for upgrades at Dale City and Enterprise Elementary Schools are among those grants awarded funding for a total of $133,332. With a 25% match from Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS), $166,000 will go toward the installation of new Verkada closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems at both schools.

Three additional schools, Mountain View and Penn Elementary Schools and Beville Middle School will also undergo Verkada CCTV system installations, thanks to nearly $343,000 in additional funding through the VDOE Stronger Connections Grant allocations. 

“We applied to update the CCTV systems to provide current technology in schools,” said Ron Crowe, director of the division’s Department of Risk Management and Security. “Research has shown that using current technologies in schools has a measurable impact on student safety and learning, and that supportive, positive, and safe school environments enable effective teaching and learning. PWCS is committed to creating a culture of safety and security within our schools, providing safe and welcoming facilities for students, families, staff, and the community.”

The Verkada cameras record in high definition for excellent clarity and zoom capability, which is a vast improvement over older technology. The cameras can also be reviewed remotely on mobile devices and have other security features, such as facial recognition that reduces video search times, and unlimited cloud storage of saved video.