Prince William County Firefighter reading to students

The Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue created the FIRED UP for Reading program to motivate students to read and improve literacy. The initiative is currently underway at Bennett, Bristow Run, Kyle Wilson, and Triangle Elementary Schools.

“We wanted to partner with our community service workers to help spread the love of literacy,” said Rhonda Jeck, principal of Bristow Run Elementary. “Connecting our school and community is a valuable way to foster relationships while building a partnership that in turn supports our students.”

“We are in a unique position with being named after a fallen firefighter. The work that we both engage in daily honors his legacy. Our partnership helps our students to see the value in service and to identify positive role models in the local community,” explained Deanna Libby, principal of Kyle Wilson Elementary.

The partnership, which will last through the end of the school year, brings firefighters to the schools once a month to read books to classes. This allows students to grow their love of reading by watching firefighters they view as role models. They will also encourage young readers to complete monthly reading challenges to improve literacy.

“I thought it was really nice they came to read us a book, and it was very cool,” remarked Harper, a student at Kyle Wilson. “I learned sometimes it can be scary to be a firefighter, but it can help others."

"I loved when the fireman came to read and showed us the pictures. I am so thankful that they save us from fires.  I am excited to read more books and maybe win a ride on the firetruck!" exclaimed Debra, a student at Triangle Elementary School.

As the students complete reading challenges, they will have the chance to earn FIRED UP for Reading patches. At the end of the school year, students will be entered to win a t-shirt and ride in the fire engine from the local fire station to the school.