Photo of Human Rights Student Leadership Council

Forty high school students from Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) who form part of the 2023-24 Human Rights Student Leadership Council (HRSLC) culminated their year of serving on the council with a special graduation ceremony.

Congratulations to the following PWCS 2023-24 HRSLC graduates:

  • Abdullah Adel, Unity Reed High School
  • Deborah Aguilera, Osbourn Park High School
  • Abrar Ahmed, Gainesville High School
  • Olamide Akinkugbe, Patriot High School
  • Lorenzo Aversano, Gainesville High School
  • Abigail Boursiquot, Patriot High School
  • Sara Cabezudo, Potomac High School
  • Elisha Chandler Dyer, Freedom High School
  • Sarem Daffo, Potomac High School*
  • Riley Devereaux, Battlefield High School
  • Lucie Emretane, Osbourn Park High School*
  • Mia Gamble, Osbourn Park High School*
  • Sophia Garnes, Woodbridge High School
  • Michelle Hayes, Forest Park High School
  • Amel Holland, Gainesville High School*
  • Tate Jordan, Gainesville High School*
  • Kabeer Khan, Potomac High School
  • Yeju Kim, Gainesville High School
  • Fatima Lo, Osbourn Park High School
  • Evelyn Lopez, Osbourn Park High School
  • Si Moni Lumpkin, Freedom High School
  • Naomi McDaniel, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School
  • Chloe Mitchell, C.D. Hylton High School
  • Joseangel Montoya-Contreras, C.D. Hylton High School
  • Frankely Ramirez, Patriot High School
  • Alaa Rashed, Unity Reed High School
  • Sheree Saad, Gainesville High School
  • Manha Saleha, Gainesville High School
  • Abigail Santos, Gar-Field High School
  • Beulah Sarsah, C.D. Hylton High School
  • Dania Satti, Gainesville High School
  • Samiha Shukonna, Unity Reed High School
  • Ujwalla Sinha, Gainesville High School*
  • Samia Snead, Osbourn Park High School
  • Ilelta Tezera, C.D. Hylton High School
  • Keona Thomas, Osbourn Park High School
  • Katherine Thorpe, Brentsville District High School
  • Mingyan Wong, Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School*
  • Ruoyang Wu, Battlefield High School
  • Kristina Wujciak, Gainesville High School

*These PWCS students presented their essays to the Human Rights Commission.

As part of year-end projects, students were asked to frame an issue they cared about to the Human Rights Commission, establish why it is important and present an argument of a potential solution. They were charged with finding arguments that supported their issue and their requested course of action. In their closing argument, students had the unique chance to make a direct recommendation such as requesting the issue be studied further, passing a resolution, or any other action they believed could make a difference.

Sarem Daffo, a junior at Potomac High School, shared what it meant to participate in this activity. "My essay topic [and presentation] was on refugee rights and how high school students can better help their transition to the U.S. Participating in this activity and presenting it to the Human Rights Commission has allowed me to use my voice for good. It gave me the confidence to understand that even at a young age we can make a difference by simply using our voices to speak up on issues we think are important.”

The Human Rights Commission offers participation in the HRSLC to current high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors within Prince William County who have an interest in human rights. The council helps develop young leaders and promotes dialogue on diversity, understanding, and an appreciation of the differences among students.