Photos from the math competitions

Math competitions have been held throughout Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS). Continue reading to learn more about the valuable experience and knowledge students have gained through active participation.

Game of 24
Students from 15 PWCS elementary schools participated in the division’s Math 24 tournament at Benton Middle School.

Throughout the year, third, fourth, and fifth-grade students engage in practice sessions before or after school. These sessions not only help students develop their mathematical skills but also foster a positive climate and culture by connecting students from different schools

Christian, a third-grade participant from Leesylvania Elementary School, shared, “I was happy to play the game, and it was fun playing against people I didn’t know. 

“At the county tournament, it’s wonderful to see the camaraderie and sportsmanship happening among the students when they play. I noticed that students have made friends with players on the opposing team and were excited to see each other play again,” added Michelle Pivonka, co-club sponsor at Chris Yung Elementary School.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Grade 3 Division Winners:

  • First Place: Julian Owusu (Mary Williams Elementary School)
  • Second Place: Aarav Azeem (Gravely Elementary School)
  • Third Place: Nathan Kebede (Minnieville Elementary School)

Grade 4 Division Winners:

  • First Place: Jack Hooker Jr. (The Nokesville School)
  • Second Place: Chase West (Piney Branch Elementary School)
  • Third Place: Ahmed Abdelgani (Mary Williams Elementary School)

Grade 5 Division Winners:

  • First Place: Jason Adjei (Mary Williams Elementary School)
  • Second Place: Jared Owusu (Mary Williams Elementary School)
  • Third Place: Jonathan Rutz (Chris Yung Elementary School)

Math Quest
Student mathematicians competed at the third annual PWCS Middle School Math Quest, an event designed to bring students together from across the division to engage in a day filled with mathematical challenges. The event emphasizes teamwork and collaborative problem-solving with students tackling a range of problems in algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability.

Students from various schools traveled to Benton Middle School to participate, including volunteer groups from Brentsville District, Forest Park, Gar-Field, and Potomac High Schools.

Daniel Khan, a sixth grader from Saunders Middle School, appreciated the team dynamics, stating, "One thing I liked about Math Quest was that my teammates were awesome. We all worked together on a question. If I or someone else didn't know the answer, we would get someone else to help solve it."

Kiley Samko, a math coach, remarked on the organization of the event, praising the preparation and the contributions of high school volunteers. "The students were excited, engaged, and strong collaborators. The lesson ahead of the challenges served as a great tool in eliciting quality team conversations.”

"Students every year come out of the competition stating how much fun it was and how much they love math," said Karen Achico, math department chair at Saunders Middle, about the lasting impact of the Math Quest on participants.

The PWCS Middle School Math Quest is more than just a competition; it's a community event that fosters a love for learning, enhances teamwork skills, and provides a platform for young mathematicians to shine. It’s a testament to the power of collective effort and educational encouragement in shaping the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

The Power of Teamwork Awards are selected by the adult and high school volunteers for the teams they think did the best job of working together.

Team Performance Awards First Place:

Green level:

  • Alana Epperly (Gainesville Middle School)
  • Mahoor Anees (Lake Ridge Middle School)
  • Abdullah Khairzada (Rippon Middle School)

Blue level:

  • Yash Patel (Porter Traditional School)
  • Mason Prime (Parkside Middle School)
  • Ibrahim Lodhi (Pennington Traditional School)
  • Asa Redmer (Rippon Middle School)

Purple level:

  • Curtis Boudreau (Benton Middle School)
  • David Wu (Gainesville Middle School)
  • Carson Liu (Benton Middle School)
  • Norah Biggins (Parkside Middle School)

 Individual Performance Awards First Place:

Green level:

  • Alana Epperly (Gainesville Middle School)

Blue level:

  • Ethan Thompson (Gainesville Middle School)

Purple level:

  • David Wu (Gainesville Middle School)