Equity Statement

PWCS is committed to inclusive practices and equity to promote excellence for all. As a school community, our commitment to equity will be achieved by:

  • Providing all students and staff with access to resources, opportunities, supports and interventions, to ensure that they maximize their abilities and potential.
  • Providing all PWCS students and staff with resources and opportunities that align to their unique levels of need, to meet their learning, health, and safety requirements.
  • Raising the achievement of all students while working to eliminate learning disparities.
  • Assuring all PWCS staff members examine and interrupt beliefs, implicit and explicit biases, policies and/or practices that perpetuate systemic racism and discrimination.
  • Engaging parents, guardians, and the community in Division and school programs to build connections, provide support, and foster relationships with the goal of ensuring our institutional, curricular, and instructional practices are more transparent and inclusive, relevant, meaningful, and supportive in the academic and social development of all learners.
  • Examining and revising our curricular and teaching practices to ensure that they are culturally relevant and representative of the achievements of our diverse community in order to meet the social and academic needs and expectations of each student.
  • Recruiting and retaining staff members who reflect the rich diversity of our community and who work to achieve equity and excellence for all students.
  • Preparing all students to succeed in a multicultural, global society by teaching the contributions and viewpoints of all people in culturally relevant curricula.

Visit the Superintendent's Advisory Council on Equity webpage.