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This website provides information and support for Prince William County families who have students attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

September 15, 2023 Bus Route Information

West Routes

Location AM Bus # AM Pickup Time PM Bus #
Alvey Elementary B706 6:20 a.m. B706
Bristow Run Elementary B353 6:38 a.m. B353
Buckland Mills Elementary B706 6:45 a.m. B353
Bull Run Middle B706 6:38 a.m. B706
Chris Yung Elementary     B353
Gainesville Middle B353 6:32 a.m. B353
Glenkirk Elementary     B353
Gravely Elementary B706 6:14 a.m. B706
Kingsley Mill Park B357 6:43 a.m. B357
Loch Lomond Elementary B357 6:26 a.m. B357
Mountain View Elementary B706 6:26 a.m. B706
Mullen Elementary B353 7:09 a.m. B353
Parkside Middle B357 6:34 a.m. B357
Sinclair Elementary B353 6:51 a.m. B353
Tyler Elementary     B353
Victory Elementary B353 6:42 a.m. B353
Yorkshire Elementary B353 7:02 a.m. B353

Unity Reed HS - Bus 706

  • Morning - will be leaving Unity Reed HS at 7:20 a.m. sharp
  • Afternoon - drop-off times will vary

Central/East Routes

Location AM Bus # AM Pickup Time PM Bus #
14000 Crown Ct (The House Daycare) B94 7:10 a.m. B94
Coles Elementary B357 6:57 a.m. B357
Dale City Boys & Girls Club B357 7:16 a.m. B357
Fitzgerald Elementary B94 6:48 a.m. B94
Fred Lynn Middle B832 7:08 a.m. B765
George Hampton Middle B94 6:56 a.m. B94
Graham Park Middle B832 6:34 a.m. B765
John Jenkins Elementary B357 7:27 a.m. B357
Lake Ridge Middle B94 7:29 a.m. B94
Leesylvania Elementary B832 6:46 a.m. B765
Minnieville Elementary B94 7:02 a.m. B94
Occoquan Elementary B94 7:46 a.m. B94
Pattie Elementary B832 6:24 a.m. B765
Porter Traditional B765
Queen Chapel Rd @ Penn Es B357 7:08 a.m. B357
Rippon Middle B832 6:55 a.m.
Saunders Middle B357 7:02 a.m. B357
Springwoods Elementary B94 7:23 a.m. B94
Westridge Elementary B94 7:19 a.m. B94
Woodbridge Middle B832 7:13 a.m. B765

Woodbridge HS - Bus 94

  • Morning - will depart Woodbridge HS at 7:30 a.m. from door 17 (football field side of the school)
  • Afternoon - will drop students off at Occoquan ES, at approximately  4:40 p.m. and will meet bus 765  to transfer some students to be taken home.  The afternoon drop off times will vary

Contact Information

Advanced Academics and Specialty Programs


Kelly Brown
Supervisor, Advanced Academics, and Specialty Programs

Coordinator, Advanced Academics, and Specialty Programs

Mary Hayes
Manager of Transportation Scheduling