Pace Academic Course Exploration

Partner Academic Course Exploration (PACE)

Regent University is proud to partner with Prince Williams County Public Schools to offer our Partner Academic Course Exploration (PACE) to employees, spouses, and dependents of our corporate partners.

These free courses start October 28, and registration closes October 21. These courses are designed to introduce you to the world-class education you'll receive at Regent. Choose the online course level that best fits you - undergraduate or graduate.

Undergraduate Level

LDST 175 Special Topics in Leadership Studies "Introduction to Christian Leadership" (1 credit)

This course will draw insight from business theories, current research, and successful leaders to promote effective leadership principles and practices. You will understand what "servant leadership" means by looking at how Jesus Christ led others.

BIBL 175 Special Topics in Biblical Studies (1 credit) "Was Thanos Right? Applying Biblical Morality"

This course examines how the film Avengers: Infinity War engages the argument that the presence of a common morality among people proves the existence of a sovereign and creator God. You will compare C.S. Lewis' arguments against utilitarianism and egoism.

PSYC 175 Special Topics in Counseling (1 credit) "13 Reasons Why - The Truth About Suicide"

This course is a response to the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," a drama about teen suicide. This course will present facts about suicide, provide resources for those struggling with suicidal thoughts, and build a case for why human life always matters.

Graduate Level

LMOL 575 Special Topics in Organizational Leadership (1 credit) "Introduction to Organizational Leadership"

What is the leader's role in strategic organizational thinking and change? This course will draw insight from strategic thinking and change management literature to promote effective leadership in a rapidly changing world.

ECUR 575 Special Topics in Curriculum & Instruction (1 credit) "Curriculum Development and Design"

This course will introduce some of the challenges faced by learning disabled students and provide strategies and techniques that promote a better teaching and learning experience for a diverse body of students.

GPSY 575 Special Topics in Psychology (1 credit) "Coping with Stress"

This course will examine stress and the stress response to demonstrate that we are not restricted merely to "surviving" stress; rather, it is possible to thrive in the midst or result of stressful events.

BIBL 575 Special Topics in Biblical Studies (1 credit) "Fake News or Eternal Truth: Discovering the Enduring Authority of the Bible"

This course will examine the nature and message of the Bible as the source of truth in a world filled with confusing and contradictory messages.

The course of choice can be transferred into a degree upon enrolling in a bachelor's or master's degree program at Regent, and with over 132+ areas of study, you'll have no problem finding a program that supports your dreams and ambitions. As a corporate partner of Regent University, all employees, spouses, and dependents are eligible for a Tuition Scholarship on any degree program.

Plus, you'll be among excellence: Regent is ranked among Top National Universities by U.S. News & World Report, 2019.

Don't delay! Claim your spot and enroll in the one-credit academic online course in leadership.

If you have questions about the PACE program, please call 1-800-850-5507.