Testing Accommodations

Students with disabilities with testing accommodations documented in an IEP or Section 504 plan may be eligible for accommodations through the College Board on College Board assessments to include PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and AP tests. Information about College Board testing accommodations and eligibility can be found on the College Board website. Accommodations for College Board assessments do not need to be submitted for each assessment each year. Once approved for accommodations on College Board assessments, students will have those accommodations for all College Board assessments. 

graphic icons showing testing accommodations - headphones with computer, braille, and hear showing auditory sound, and icon for screen reader Families can work with school personnel to request accommodations for the SAT or they can work directly with the College Board to request accommodations.  Schools may not submit requests for accommodations without parental consent.

As you talk with your student regarding the need for testing accommodations on any College Board Assessment to include PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and AP assessments, please consider the following: 

  1. Review the content, format, and purpose of the assessment on the test website:
  2. Implications of selected accommodations to include testing time
  3. The requirement to use all approved accommodations on future College Board tests unless a written refusal is submitted

Accommodations offered by the College Board for PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and AP assessments are listed below. These accommodations are available only to students who have an IEP or Section 504 Plan, or students with documented medical needs.

Timing/Scheduling Accommodations
Adjust the scheduling of the test
Setting Accommodations
Adjust the place where the test occurs
  • Breaks as needed
  • Extra or extended breaks
  • 50 percent extended time
  • 100 percent extended time
  • Late start time
  • Limited testing time
  • Home/hospital testing
  • Preferential seating
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • One-to-One testing
  • Small group setting
Presentation Accommodations
Adjust the presentation material and/or test directions
Response Accommodations
Adjust the manner in which students respond to test items
  • Sign language interpreter (directions only)
  • Reader (person) or screen reader for digital tests (text to speech)
  • MP3 (computer audio)
  • Braille/Braille graphs and figures
  • Written copy of oral instructions
  • Large print (14 point, 20 point, 24 point)
  • Auditory amplification/FM system
  • Use of colored overlay
  • Assistive technology compatible
  • 4-function calculator (on the Math Test “no calculator” portion)
  • Large-block answer sheet
  • Student marks in test booklet
  • Writer/scribe (person) or dictation for digital tests (speech to text)