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School Social Workers Collect Donations for Hope Bags

Posted on 11/20/2020

Image of school social workers with Hope Bags collection

During the months of October and November, Prince William County School social workers helped to collect donations for the Hope Bag collection. This was a collaborative effort with the State Trafficking Response Coordinator and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Hope Bags are provided to individuals who have been sexually exploited and are being recovered by law enforcement partners. When an individual is recovered, they often do not have any personal belongings with them. The Hope Bags, filled with hygiene items, clothing, and snacks are provided to support their recovery. School social workers, along with the Human Trafficking Prevention Specialist, reached out to their individual schools, friends, and family to collect items for these Hope Bags. There was an overwhelming response from the community which will enable the State Trafficking Response Coordinator to provide these bags to federal and local law enforcement agencies, child advocacy centers, forensic nursing teams, and other agencies who support trafficking victims throughout the entire state.

graphic with text: human trafficking


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