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Students waiting to get on a school bus

Find Your Neighborhood Bus Stop and Schedule

Buscar mi autobús (PDF)

Find My Bus Tool

Enter address and grade info to learn a.m. and p.m. bus stop and times for assigned school.

  • Select the grade (ignore other choices)
  • Enter the house number, street and zip code (Use standard abbreviations for Road, Street, Lane. Do not spell out.)
  • Select Find School/Transportation Info button

You will be presented with the bus number and approximate time of bus arrival for pick up.

If you receive message "Home Street not found - closest matches:

  • Use the drop down arrow in the street name field to get another option for spelling.
  • Click on the "Use Selected Match"-immediately to the right.
  • Click on Find School/Transportation Info again.

Specialty Programs

Please use the "Find My Bus Tool" and use the "Advanced Search" feature to retrieve your bus schedule.