Student walking through Evolv screening technology

This fall, PWCS will implement safety screening technology at all middle and high schools, including traditional and nontraditional schools for the 2023-24 school year. This is a critical component in PWCS’ multi-layered security protocol to “deter, detect, and defend.”

PWCS will deploy this technology on a staggered basis starting in mid-September. This approach will allow schools time to return to school and establish daily routines with students. Additionally, this will allow further time to ensure proper training of staff and educate students regarding the process for entering school through the screening technology. Schools will provide notice at least two weeks before implementation.

To prepare ahead of the use of the technology in your school, families are encouraged to help reduce the possibility of “false alerts” on everyday items, while none are prohibited, using these guidelines will ensure a quick entry for everyone:

  1. Select clear and plastic school supplies over covered/concealed and metallic when applicable.
  2. Use three-ring binders with plastic spines/rings (non-metal).
  3. Utilize plastic (versus metallic) BPA-free water/coffee bottles.
  4. Use hard plastic eyeglass cases (versus metal).
  5. Students should “pack-light” and limit the number of items in bags or other equipment.
  6. Keep superfluous metallic items home (game consoles, beauty products, USB drives).
  7. Laptops and umbrellas will be passed around the technology via a staffed table.

Note: Exact school supply lists are communicated individually by schools/teachers.

Further Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding this technology can be found on our website. Additional communication and details will be shared in the coming weeks both centrally, and by each school, with further details. Please be aware that doors will open no sooner than 30 minutes before the start of the school day.